Monday, December 29, 2008

Just because...

This might be my all time favorite picture of Landon (so far anyway) it deserves it's own post.

He's so stinkin' cute! I love him!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Things I always want to remember...

The way Landon burys his face in my shoulder/chest/arm when he's tired and wants to go to sleep.

His huge sweet gummy smile when he looks in the mirror.

The crazy baby giggles that erupt when you hold him over your head or toss him in the air.

His new trick of grabbing your cheeks with both hands, pulling you close, and giving you a big "kiss," just one big open mouth slobber.

That baby smell. If only someone could bottle that up.

Landon and Daddy playing; it just melts my heart.

The biggest smiles that come when he's on his changing table.

How peaceful he looks when he's asleep and I'm just about to put him in his crib.

The way he grabs at the phone and at a drinking he knows exactly what to do with both of them.

His hands and feet flailing and letting out a half-giggle when he sees Mommy or Daddy approaching.

He is calmed by Mommy's lullabies.

Those big beautiful eyes.

The way he chats to himself when he's tired.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Santa came to our house early. He dropped off a nasty cold - complete with fever, chills, aches, and no appetite. Daddy ended up catching it first over the weekend, Mommy caught it the day before Christmas Eve, and Landon spiked a fever at 2am on Christmas morning. It's been quite a week around here, and certainly not the way we had planned to spend Christmas.

Nonetheless, Santa did return on Christmas, and was much more generous in his gifts at that point. We may need to build another room onto the house to have somewhere to put all of Landon's wonderful new toys! Among the favorites are his ball popper (thanks Grandma Cathy), some books, and a ball that rolls and talks by itself (thanks Auntie Lissa, Uncle Nick, Abbey and Blake). He also got a music table that looks like it will be lots of fun (thanks Aunties Kate and Em) that hasn't made its way out the box yet.

We had grand plans to make candy, maybe go ice skating (or at least take a walk around the rink and observe), do a little window shopping, and have a mellow week since both of us had taken the week off of work to really get into the holiday spirit and spend some extra special time celebrating Landon's first Christmas. We planned to take lots of pictures and some video footage, finish wrapping presents and send some off across the country, to visit family and have dinner and lunch dates with friends. Not much of that happened. We did manage to get a few pictures and a little video in, Mommy got some fudge made before she was socked with the cold, and Daddy went out for a few last minute gifts...and that's about it!

Landon and Daddy left Mommy at home to rest on Christmas Eve and went to dinner with the Riggs side of the family after Grandma and Grandpa Poston came to visit and exchange gifts. Poor little guy spiked a fever in the middle of the night and we finally succeeded getting it to go down after some Tylenol, a lukewarm bath, and lots of rocking and whimpering (by all). It's a good thing Santa made it by our house before all of that or he would have passed us right by since we were all wide awake. After checking out Santa's generosity in the morning we headed for Grandma Cathy's for an early lunch and more presents. Home for a much needed nap, and then out to Great Grandma Jean's for the traditional prime rib dinner with the Riggs side of the family. Landon was a trooper and had a great time with everyone.

Now that the week is over we're all starting to feel better.

Monday, December 15, 2008


We made it to our goal! Landon has been exclusively breastfed for the first six months of his life! This was no easy feat with all sorts of obstacles in the way from my thyroid problems to Landon's reflux to a loooong and rough battle with thrush. In all honesty I didn't think we'd make it six weeks let alone six months, and here we are with a freezer stash and no real end in sight!

Landon had his follow up appointment with the GI specialist for his reflux. It's now been a full week of him being off the reflux medicine and things are going well! He hasn't missed receiving and we haven't missed giving him the meds! At this moment the pH probe test that we were talking about just a few months ago is completely off the table!

Things are looking great!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mmmmm, avocado!

It's official! Landon has officially embarked on eating "real" food. The solo milk days are gone...and the solo milk-fed diaper days too, but we haven't been graced with a poopy diaper yet (I'll keep you posted). Landon got his very first taste of avocado this weekend - and loved it! I'm not sure how much actually ended up in his mouth versus on his bib, in his hands, or on the high chair tray, but we all had fun feeding him!
Love at first bite? Not quite sure...

Landon says, "gimmie that spoon, Mommy! I can feed myself!"


We've been too busy having fun and decorating for Christmas! Besides scarfing avocado Landon's newest trick is sitting up unassisted! He loves this whole new view of the world without having to rely on Mommy and Daddy to let him watch everything go by.

Just because I love this one...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Not in the traditional sense, but an anniversary none the less. Today marks eight years since the accident. In our lives there are turning points; moments, perhaps days or weeks or months even, where the course of our life is shifted. December 3, 2000 my life changed and will be a day I will never, ever, forget.

Dad and I had just started dating. He was going to introduce me to his friend Judy in Tiburon and take her one of the Christmas trees he cut in the mountains. We were waiting to get onto the freeway when a dump truck was coming too quickly off the off ramp and was headed straight for your Daddy's truck. I will never forget the moment I looked into those headlights and thought to myself, "oh my God, he's going to hit us," and that he did. Several moments after that one are permanently etched into my mind like photographs in an album.

The feeling of the scissors running up my legs as the paramedics cut my jeans off. Being loaded into the helicoptor and panicing because I knew helicoptors were for serious accidents. Hearing your Granddad, my Dad's voice in the emergency room but not being able to see him. Hearing your Dad being wheeled in next to me and the pain he was in.

I don't know why, I can't explain it, but that is the night I fell in love with your Dad. That night I knew we would spend the rest of our lives together. That night my life changed forever...and for the better. What a difficult time that was, but if I could go back and change any of it I wouldn't. I am who I am today because of that day and that accident. I am a wife, I am a mommy, I live for each moment and try my darndest to keep a positive attitude, I take nothing for granted, I love deeper, laugh louder and stay angry shorter and speak my mind. I leave dirty dishes in the sink and let the answering machine pick up if it means spending more time with those that I love. All of these things I hope to one day teach you.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Santa Claus is coming to town!

It's official, out with the turkey and in with Mr. Claus. We recently took Landon to meet the big guy himself - twice! We went the first time, and while Landon was agreeable and happy Santa looked more like he was taking a mug shot than anything. Back to see Santa again, and this time he did not dissappoint with his jolly old self and plenty of hohoho'ing to boot! I guess even Santa has bad days sometimes.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Trees

The Poston family tradition has always been cutting Christmas trees down in the Plumas National Forest. I don't think Mark has ever had a tree from a lot (though they did have a fake tree for a while, so he says). The Riggs twist on this tradition is that we go up the weekend before Thanksgiving to get a tree. In traditional form, we made our way up to Clio to visit with Great Grandpa Jay and get our tree this last weekend. This was Landon's first long car ride, and he did really well! When we got up to the mountains it was pretty chilly and a bit windy....cue fuzzy doggie hat and mittens!
There was just enough snow to stomp in but not enough to make it tough to move around and get in and out.

It was a beautiful day.

I put Landon in the Moby and we stayed close to the car in case it got too chilly for him. I think he's an outdoors guy just like Daddy. He chatted away the entire time we were up there and was a happy little guy despite having been stuck in the car for the last three hours.

Our little family with Landon's first Christmas Tree!
Grandpa Charlie, Daddy, Landon, and our tree!

Sacked out, ready to head home.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

We all voted!

The country is starting to wind down a bit after an eventful election season. Truthfully I'm glad it's finally over with and the 8pm phonecalls with recordings on the other end so I can't chew them out for waking Landon up are no longer; the commercials, the signs everywhere, the mine-is-better-than-yours attitudes...all that is starting to come to an end now. It doesn't sound like it from my above statements, but I am, in fact, a proud American right now. We have a new President-elect and history is in the making right this very moment. Come January 20, 2009 America will be lead by the first ever African-American President. Barack Obama will be our new leader!

We celebrated by going to Landon's Granddad's house for an election party with Aunties Kate, Em, and Bre, Granddad and Maureen, and even Uncle John who came down from Sacramento to vote and have dinner with us. We ordered in Japanese and watched the numbers roll in. Dessert was yummy Obama/Biden cookies. Landon started getting fussy around 7:30 since bedtime is usually 8 so we headed home a little early. Of course, as I was putting Mister Fussypants to bed the announcement was made that Obama won. I totally missed McCain's consession speech and Obama's victory speech since Landon took a loooong time to go down because he was so overtired. I don't blame him though, what an exciting night!

I've never missed an election since gaining the right to vote when I turned 18. I can't justify sitting an election out when I at one point in time would not have the right to vote as a woman. Not too many generations before me didn't have that opportunity and had to fight to attain that right. Even though Landon is a boy and perhaps will never be able to relate to all of my feelings on voting one of my hopes for his future is that he understands, appreciates, and utilizes his right to vote. I hope he feels as though his vote really does count and understands just how lucky we as Americans are to live in a democratic society where free speech - for liberals and conservatives alike - is also a right.

My little patriotic man back from the polls

I think he's trying to say "Obama" here

Thursday, November 6, 2008


What an eventful few weeks it's been! I've been horrible at uploading pictures since Landon's been keeping me on my toes, so it's going to be a doozy.

Landon, Mark, and I recently met Mark's grandfather for the very first time. He flew down from his home in Anacortes, Washington to spend a week with family down here. Long story short, Mark's mom hadn't been in contact with him since she was in high school, so this was quite a treat for everyone.
We finally made Landon's very first trip up to Apple Hill. We tried going a few times and every time we cancelled because rain was in the forecast but never actually showed up. Of course, until we decided to forget about the forecast and go anyway. It poured all day, but it was still fun.

See??? My serious guy really does smile.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Could there be a cuter bumble bee???


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Favorite Things

I thought I would share some of Landon's current favorite and not so favorite things. He's getting to be such the little man with a developing personality and a definite preference for certain things, sometimes it's pretty funny.

Favorite book - Goodnight Moon
He stares intently at the pictures and loves it when you get to the parts where the old lady whispers, "hush."

Not so favorite book - The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Seriously, he cries every time we reach the page where the caterpillar gorges himself with chocolate cake, salami, and the like. Does not like it one bit.

Favorite toy - Whoozit
He loves it! shakes it, will even throw it across the room because he's so excitedly playing with it.

Not so favorite toy - Any teether
Even though I'm convinced he's teething (and remembering that teething can last for months without teeth breaking through) he hates to even hold onto a teething ring.

Favorite way to take a bottle - Milk straight out of the 'fridge
No warming up needed, thank goodness.

Not so favorite way to take a bottle - Nipple on the bottle straight out of the 'fridge
Yup, he's picky with this one. Absolutely will not take the bottle if the nipple has been chilled; even though the milk makes the nipple cold as soon as it hits it.

Favorite thing to do - Stand up
Whether it's assisted by mommy or daddy, in his jumperoo or exersaucer he loves those legs to be straight.

Not so favorite thing to do - Tummy time
Hates it. Period. Has ever since the beginning of time. He's getting a little better though and will tolerate it now for a whole 30 seconds or so before whining and crying.

Favorite word/sound - Anything with a "B" or "M" sound
On the way home the other night we went over a speed bump and he giggled. Daddy was in the back seat and asked if Landon thought the speed bump was funny, this resulted in the biggest giggle yet. All the way home I listened to Daddy and Landon in the back seat going back and forth; Daddy would say "speed bump" and Landon would giggle hysterically. He also loves "boo," "moo," "bee," and "buzz."

Not so favorite word/sound - Hmm, really can't think of one he doesn't like.

Favorite song - My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean, The Itsy Bitsey Spider, The Wheels on the Bus
Loves all three and loves them even more if you do the hand motions with his hands/feet while you're singing.

Not so favorite song - The ABC's
Clearly he's not ready for spelling yet. Just doesn't like it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Four months already

I know, I know, I say it fairly often; but I can hardly believe it's been four months since Landon decided to make his appearance, time flies when you're having fun.

I can safely say that we are, in fact, having fun these days. We took Landon for his four month well baby checkup on Wednesday, he's 12 pounds even and a hearty 24 inches long. He's long and lean, just like his daddy. The jury is still out as far as whether he most resembles mommy or daddy, but that's just fine with us. His eyes are getting darker and darker and look like they will either be brown like mommy or hazel like daddy. He has yet to grow out of his reflux, and his pediatrician suggested we start him on solid foods, but after researching I don't think he's quite ready yet so we're going to hold off. The best news from the doctor was that we don't have to report back for any weight checks until his six month well baby checkup! This is HUGE for us as we've never gone more than two weeks without going in for a weight check; two months is FABULOUS!

An unwelcome present in honor of Landon's four month birthday...a cold. Poor guy is a little stuffed up and full of coughs and sneezes. One of his little girlfriends (he's currently the only boy) at daycare was out for a few days, I'm wondering if he caught it from her.

Last weekend we were supposed to go to Apple Hill but with rain forecasted we stayed a little closer to home and visited the produce stand/pumpkin farm instead. We loaded up on produce and found Landon his very first pumpkin. Oh, and the weather turned out to be BEAUTIFUL!

A little fuzzy, but I love this picture of him!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dare I say it...

You're in for a shock. I miss being pregnant. Now that your gasp is hushed and you've picked your jaw up off the floor... I must admit that I'm actually a little sad not to have a baby belly anymore. Pregnancy really agreed with me, at least for the first 32 weeks. Not a bit of morning sickness, not a whole lot of weight gained or swelling until things started to go haywire late in the game, no rediculous food cravings or aversions, just like Landon seems to be a mellow little guy pregnancy was the same way for me. I did have a few bumps in the road (yes, aside from the big bump front and center). Food poisoning around 12 weeks, hives after that; but those things really could have happened anytime and weren't pregnancy related.

I miss feeling him wriggle around in there. I miss having him all to myself. I miss that incredible feeling of having another life growing inside. I miss the anticipation of what's to come, the preparation, the excitement. Not that I want to shove Landon back in there, but I'm kinda sad it's over.

When I think too much about missing pregnancy I think about the swollen cankles and how I couldn't fit into any shoes but flip flops, all those non-stress tests and 24 hour pee tests, the annoying blood pressure monitoring, the impressive case of carpel tunnel syndrome I still haven't rid myself of all the way, and the anxiety of giving birth too early.

Will we have another one someday? I hope so. I certainly don't take our little guy for granted and hope beyond all hopes that I'll again be pregnant someday and will get to experience all those things again. For now though, I'm thoroughly enjoying my little guy and am realizing just how quickly they grow up.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Apparently sleep is over-rated

Landon is usually a pretty good sleeper these days, but of course has decided to go on a sleeping strike this weekend. Daddy is in with Landon rocking and/or bouncing him to sleep for the second time tonight. He only catnapped for half an hour after the first rocking/bouncing session.

Another recent sleep development is that he won't fall asleep with me. I know I'm lots of fun and everything, but yah gotta sleep sometime, kid. All he wants to do with me is nurse. When I hold him to rock him and put him to sleep his face goes straight "there" and roots like crazy. One would think a kid like this would take a pacifier, right? Nope, not my kid, just the real thing for him. He doesn't want to eat though, just pacify; and I don't want any bad habits to start, so Daddy's got put Landon to sleep duty.

I was hoping to start to move forward with some really light sleep training. To start weaning off of the swaddle or start weaning off of sleeping in the crib wedge and/or Boppy pillow. Since this weekend's developments though, I'd be happy with a return of our quick bedtime routine that used to last all of five to ten minutes just last week.

Getting settled in our new routine has left me with little time to update pictures and other various but equally important things. A belated welcome to NFL for Landon. He helped Daddy cheer the Denver Broncos on and celebrated their victory over those goofy Oakland Raiders in style.

And, just in time for fall we had to break out the pumpkin hat!

Ahh...sleep at last! I think he's finally down for the night. Now it's Mom's turn to get a few hours in.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Downhill from here?

We made it through the first week of work and daycare. Landon is doing well with Irma, she's been the best part of this whole going back to work thing. Work on the other hand, not so great. I miss Landon during the day and am really bummed that he's bright eyed and bushy tailed in the mornings when I drop him off. He's always been more of a morning baby, that's when he give away all his smiles; he makes you work hard for them in the afternoon.

In other news, he finally hit 11 pounds! As of today he's 11 pounds 1.9 ounces! Halloween is coming up, and I'm excited to report that we've already got his costume...and it's ADORABLE! Stay tuned for pictures...

Monday, September 15, 2008

This is not fun

I'm just a couple hours into my day back at work and this truely does suck. Bigtime sucks. I want my baby back, I want to be at home playing and snuggling with him. Truth be told, I cried myself to sleep last night just at the thought of leaving him today and the water works have continued...from me, not from him.

I called Irma, his daycare provider who I trust completely and will grow to love, I'm sure, to see how he was doing and he was a little fussy in the background. She held the phone to his ear and let me talk to him and he calmed right down. I want my baby back!

I'm going to go feed him at noon, but that's just not soon enough for me. "They" say it gets easier....whoever "they" are. I'm not sure I believe it yet.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Where have the last three months gone??? On one hand it feels like time has crept along slowly allowing me to memorize each and every moment and tuck it deep inside my heart. On the other hand it feels like the last three months have dissappeared at warp speed leaving my head spinning and eyes boggled. It just doesn't seem real any way I think about it.

Alas, I have a three month old who is holding his head up, smiling and laughing on command, rolling over from his tummy to his back, cooing, drooling like nobody's business...and I have to go back to work on Monday. It isn't fair. I think I would give my right arm - no, that wouldn't work since that's the arm I hold the little peanut with - okay, I'd give just about anything to be able to freeze time right now and just stay here. Maybe like Groundhog day just keep re-living the same things over and over again. Right now that might be okay with me. Our days seem to be getting easier and easier (knock on wood). Landon's eating much better but still doesn't like taking his Prilosec, and he's gaining weight. He was 10 pounds 8 ounces at his weight check on Friday the 12th of September. His pediatrician was fine with us not coming in for another weight check until his four month well baby checkup in the beginning of October as long as I keep weighing him at DayOne once a week or so; and as long as he continues to gain weight.

We had an appointment with the gastro doctor earlier in the week who basically confirmed that we're doing everything that we can right now. He isn't suggesting the pH probe test that requires an overnight hospital stay, a tube down Landon's throat, and his arms strapped down for 24 hours to monitor the pH levels in his esophagus until he starts losing weight again or if the Reflux doesn't subside by the time he's six months old...whichever comes first (if at all). That was sweet music to my ears, no way do I want to put my baby through that.

Back to the fun stuff, Landon is such a sweet and fabulous baby these days. He loves his cuddle time with Mama and loves to hang out and laugh with Daddy. His Whoozit and Jacques the Peacock (I didn't make that up...) rival as Landon's favorite toys. He loves it when we sing to him and move his arms and legs to the music, My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean and The Wheels on the Bus are his favorite songs to sing with Old MacDonald coming in a close second. I could really get used to this staying at home with him stuff and am dreading work on Monday.

However, I do think I've finagled my schedule such that I'll wake and feed him at 6am, drop off at daycare at 7:30am and continue onto work, he'll get a bottle at 9am, I'll run over to his daycare and feed him at noon, then I'll be off at 3pm and will run to daycare where I'll pick him up and feed him. So, hopefully this all will work and he'll only be getting one feeding by bottle most days. I'm fearful that my milk supply will plunge and thus will end our breastfeeding days. His doctors are strongly encouraging us to continue to breastfeed as formula is much tougher on a reflux baby's system. They're so encouraging that they've given me a free pump to use as long as we're still breastfeeding. Though if history repeats itself my supply will drop if we start pumping more than feeding.

Say a prayer and think happy thoughts for us all on Monday.

Oh, and I've been tagged! Janessa (Jenna's Mom, wants six random things about myself.

The Rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog
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6. Let the tagger know when your entry is posted

I can cover 1-3, but I'm afraid I'm still too new at this blogging stuff to actually have six people I can tag. So, here it goes...

1. I broke my arm in a car accident and while it healed better than the Dr.'s thought it would it didn't heal back straight and you can feel the lopsidedness if you run your hand along my bicep and I can't straighten out my arm all the way.
2. I sing...classical and opera type stuff. I'm a coloratura soprano. Think Mariah Carey high notes; that top note of the Star Spangled Banner (and beyond) is no problem for me, and no, I've never shattered glass.
3. Not only can I sing with my mouth open, but I can sing with it closed too. Kinda sounds like I've got some little guy trapped in there...pretty funny actually.
4. I don't like condiments. No mayo, mustard, ketchup, etc. on my sandwiches or burgers; and my salads are sans-dressing too. Yeah, I'm wierd I guess.
5. I absolutely loathe doing laundry and dishes. I'll do them if I have to, but don't ever ask to look in my closet because chances are it will look like a hurricane hit. I don't know why, but I just HATE folding clothes and scrubbing dishes - though I will if I have to.
6. I can't think of anything else, so I'll continue with the broken arm accident thing. I can't feel a good patch along the top of my forearm because of nerve damage. I've gotten a little too close to the flame on the stove and singed some hair all because I can't feel a thing.

Are those random enough??

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Double Digits!!!

It's official! Landon finally made it into the double digits today, at 12 weeks and 2 days he's 10 pounds 0.5 ounces! I'm such a proud Mommy!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

First amusement park and concert!

John's band was playing at Marine World (I, for the life of me, cannot call it Discovery Kingdom...just too un-natural) so the whole family headed out there for the day. Yes, the whole family, Great-Grandma Jean, Grandma Cathy, Auntie Kate and Auntie Em, Great Aunt Kathy and Great Uncle Scott, even Granddad and Aunt B and Maureen went. We met up with Steve, Kate, and Cole in the afternoon too! It wasn't too hot, thank goodness, and we all lathered up in sunscreen and seem to have escaped any awful burns.

First stop, Landon's first concert! Landon loved it so much he fell asleep...Uncle John thinks we're in for it if he fell asleep to the music. I think he might be right.

We headed over to the Shouka show to check out Shouka, the Killer Whale. We made a pitt stop along the way for Daddy to pick up the biggest ice cream sundae from Coldstone (yes, they have one in the park).

Apparently, Shouka has quite the calming effect on babies...Landon was fast asleep in the Moby by the time the show was over.

Daddy and Auntie Em won a Monkey for Landon, though the monkey is bigger than he is! It was a fun day, and Landon was a little trooper.

More pictures from our day...
Landon in his Flappy Hat

Auntie Em, Auntie Kate, and Landon

Great Grandma Jean

Sacked out after a fun day!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sinking in

Is it crazy that I still don't quite believe that Landon is here; that Mark and I are parents...that I'm a MOMMY?!?! I think it's finally sinking in, yes, 11 weeks later. During these last 11 weeks Landon and I have made it a habit to get out of the house at least once each day. Whether it be going for a walk, running errands, or attending Mommy's Group. We joined a fabulous Mommy's Group that meets on a weekly basis and does fun things like group walks at the Lafayette Resivoir, lunch out, and Mom's night out. It's been so helpful to have been surrounded by other Moms in the same boat as I, not to mention all the cute little babies.

Group Shot

All the adorable babies...where's Waldo? Can you find Landon??
Hint - he's on the yellow blanket in the blue striped onesie

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A weekend full of firsts!

What an eventful weekend we had! As you already know, it started off on Friday with his first set of shots...not such a fun "first" but other fun ones followed.

Landon is such a stubborn little guy, and I guess he has been since before he was born (takes after his Mommy on that one). He hates tummy time and would rather be lying on his back checking out everything. Well, he's figured out how to get himself off his tummy and onto his back - he rolled over for the first time on Friday! From his tummy to his back. I thought it was a fluke until he did it again on Saturday.
We celebrated all the July and August birthdays with the Riggs side of the family on Sunday and took Landon swimming for the first time. He had soooo much fun, he was kicking his legs and running his hands through the water and was fascinated with the reflections coming off of the water's surface. I think we've got a water baby on our hands - he loves his baths too.

After swimming and dinner he was hanging out with his Granddad who was able to coax a giggle out of the little guy for the first time. It was so cute, they were going back and forth; Granddad would giggle at Landon, then Landon would giggle at Granddad...
Alas, I wish I had both things on video but of course the Mini DV disc ended about three minutes into Landon's first dip in the pool and we left the extra one at home.
Landon seems to have stalled out on his weight gain again. His pediatrician changed the dose of his medication for his reflux and is out of the office the rest of this week. I'm going to go back to the old dose tomorrow and am hoping this will again solve the problems of the world until his doctor is back on Monday. I've still got thrush and I think Landon's got it again too based on his bumpy diaper rash that keeps coming back, though no spots in his mouth. We just picked up some gentian violet that I'm going to start using and am hoping that it will do the trick. If not, I think it's off to the dermatologist unfortunately.

Oh, and I can't even believe I didn't mention that Landon was baptized earlier! Shame on me! He was baptized on Sunday, August 10th at the church Mark and I were married in and now attend, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. Mark's parents and grandparents were both married at Good Shepherd, Mark and his siblings were baptized there - as were my sisters and I.

My mom made his baptism outfit and did a fabulous job - the little peanut was doing a fabulous job growing and she had to take it back to make the leg holes bigger! Yay for Landon's chunky thighs!

Landon with his Godparents...Kate, Emily, and John

Our little family

His two month shot

Friday, August 15, 2008

Oww, shots

Landon had his two month well baby checkup today and his first set of shots. Technically, this should only have been the second time Landon should have been in to see the doctor, but really I've lost count since we've gone so many times for weight checks and the like. Good news this time though, his doctor was pleased with his weight gain and gave us the green light to let him sleep through the night if he wants to. No more waking him up for nighttime feedings - yay!

Then the yucky part...shots. We're following Dr. Sears' adjusted vaccine schedule since peanut Landon is still a little bitty guy, so fortunately he only got one shot and the rotavirus stuff by mouth. He screamed and screamed and turned bright red while they gave him the shot, but he calmed right down as soon as I picked him up. He napped on the way home, and I tried putting him down but he won't have any part of that, he wants to snuggle close to Mommy so I've got him in the Moby and he's fast asleep right now.

His new Reflux meds seem to be working, he's having easier feeds and is keeping it down much better. He's still a little fussy in the evening, but he's also the only baby I know that won't nap much during the day; so by the end of the day he's probably way over-stimulated and over-tired. We're going to a class next week at DayOne about sleep training, hopefully we'll get some tips and tricks on how to get him to be a better sleeper. I'm also looking forward to getting him to go to sleep without swaddling him. I think he's ready to move into his crib from his cradle, but only after he can sleep without swaddling, it would just make me feel better.

In other news, I celebrated my birthday this week with pizza from Skipolini's and presents. In true Mommy fashion I enjoyed my pizza and opened my gifts while standing and swaying since Landon's dinner radar was going off and he wouldn't let anyone else hold him or put him down. It was just fine with me though, never again will he be this little or want to cuddle so much.