Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Favorites - 11 Months

Favorite food - Oatmeal, I can usually trick Landon into eating the veggies he's suddenly decided he doesn't like as long as I hide them under a spoonful of oatmeal. I think he's onto me though.
Least favorite food - Squash, his aunties taught him how to stick his tongue out while we were in Hawaii and now he's figured out how to get anything off his tongue he doesn't like instead of just swallowing it. He won't even open his mouth for squash anymore, stinker!

Favorite toy - The remote control and cordless phone are neck and neck here.
Least favorite toy - Rings, he used to love them and now he just throws them across the room.

Favorite word - Mamamamamamama, I LOVE IT!
Least favorite word - No, he shakes his head no and then smiles at you. It's so hard not to smile and laugh.

Favorite book - Mr. Brown Can Moo, he loves the sounds.
Least favorite book - Baby Ant Has Stinky Pants, I keep telling him that he's not baby ant and is not stinky, but what do I know.

Favorite thing to do - Point. At EVERYTHING. He makes a SHSH noise while he's pointing too. His particular favorite? Lights and ceiling fans.
Least favorite thing to do - Get his nose cleaned off, you'd think I was committing a crime.

Favorite finger food - Bananas, we've been struggling with finger foods and finally found something that he'll eat by himself. I also gave him cantelope today and he did pretty well with that too. I think we've got a carb-hound on our hands.
Least favorite finger food - Green beans, we've been working on keeping them on the high chair tray since he doesn't even want them around.

Favorite song - Itsy Bitsy Spider, he still loves it although I think it's all for the crawling up the spout part since he loves to be tickled.
Least favorite song - The ABCs. Nope, still not ready to read apparently.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We're here!

In Hawaii, that is. This week is full of firsts, are you ready? We took Landon on his first plane ride on his first trip to the Hawaiian Islands to spend a week in Kona on the Big Island. Landon did such a great job on the plane and was the perfect baby; we got tons of compliments from our neighbors and from the crew. Aunties Kate and Em and Uncle John are joining us in Hawaii and did a great job of helping to keep our little guy entertained while we were en route. Really, I can't get over just how impressed I am with his fabulous behavior and go with the flow attitude, especially since our flight was delayed over two hours, and we even had to switch planes.

Now that we're here on the island Landon has continued to shine. I think he's the only one that has gotten himself onto island time (three hours behind California), sleeping in his pack and play without his white noise machine (we did borrow a smaller version from a friend). The one thing that's been slipping a bit has been eating - Landon does NOT like jarred babyfood and I can't say I blame him too much, some of that stuff smells terrible!

Onto more firsts! So far this week Landon has gotten his first taste of sand, literally, dipped his toes in the ocean and gone out on a snorkel and sea swimming adventure, walked along the beach (with help from Mommy and Daddy), learned how to stick his tongue out, point to everything, blow, and has been super duper chatty. We've discovered that Landon loves pineapple sorbet, fried rice, french bread, and mashed potato. More details and pictures when we get home.

Another first, though of the not so fun kind, first hives. I gave Landon a little bite of my vanilla ice cream since he really has liked it in the past and after all - we're on vacation! A few minutes later he had hives all over his mouth. A small panic attack, a trip to the car to call the advice nurse, lots of water and almost some Benadryl later he's just fine. No more ice cream though, at least not for a really long time.

That's about it here in Hawaii for now. Much more to come though, I'm sure.