Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ode to Bathtime

You mean all these toys are for me??

Don't bother me...I'm playing!

I've almost got it!
Blowing bubbles is the BEST THING EVER!!

Drying off...but not for long...

Look at me goooo!
No, I cannot be contained.

Look Ma, I've got a cape!

All sweet and clean.


Don't let the bedbugs bite!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What a weekend!

Ever have those weekends that you wish would go on forever? This one has been fabulous, we seriously need a few more days here.

It started on Friday with dinner out with the entire family for Grandma Cathy's birthday where we met another baby Landon. At dinner, Landon tried chicken taquitos and a few bites of churro for the first time. He loved them both. Then, frozen yogurt where everyone shared with Landon. Grandma Cathy even snuck some caramel in there and I couldn't get mad at her since it was her birthday. We then headed over to Marshall's for a little shopping (the birthday girl's request). It was a late night, Landon was great through it all, and I found the absolute cutest pajamas for Landon! Flannel button up Mickey Mouse jammies. I can't wait until they fit!

Saturday we hung out at home in the morning before heading over to Grandma Jean's to celebrate all the August birthdays with the Riggs side of the family. Landon went swimming with Granddad, the kid loves swimming! His newest trick is putting his face in the water and blowing bubbles. Serious cuteness. Landon's newest favorite food just might be ravioli. Or salami. Or both. He couldn't get enough of either one. He had a great time helping all the birthday celebrants open presents and even helped Mommy blow out some birthday candles. Another late night that didn't phase him in the least. When we got home at 10pm I jumped in the shower with him to quickly rinse off all the pool water before bed. Problem was, it wasn't so quick after all. Landon started blowing raspberries on my shoulder as I was trying to get him rinsed off. The raspberries made him laugh, which made me laugh, which made him laugh and then blow another raspberry. Lather, rinse, repeat. We laughed back and forth for a good ten minutes. Screw bedtime!

Sunday brought us a late morning since we were up so late the night before. After breakfast we headed over to the farmer's market for some produce and an impromptu meeting with the rubber ducky derby mascot, a lifesize duck. Landon saw him and pointed to him from across the courtyard and headed that direction. This was Landon's first encounter with anything "life size" so we weren't sure how he'd react. Well, he went right up to him and patted the duck on the stomach, shook "hands" with his wing, and patted his beak when Daddy picked him up. We literally had to drag him away screaming when it was time to go. It sure was cute though. After naptime we headed out to the park where Landon played and couldn't get enough of the misters, he loves them and squeals and giggles when you turn them on. He's also into wheels these days and loves to "drive" the train at the park. Home for dinner, where we've discovered Landon likes red bell peppers. Random, but good nonetheless.

Other recent milestones...Landon is just about running. He's very sure-footed and has no problem getting from point A to point B on foot. His aunties took him to buy some new shoes last weekend, which are getting broken in at warp speed. We've been introducing cow's milk slowly, and went for 100% cow's milk in his sippy cup this weekend since we've been able to gradually increase the cow's milk and decrease the soy milk. I'm not quite sold on the cow's milk yet, but he loves it and seems to be doing well despite a little skin irritation when he spills it on himself. We're keeping an eye on it but still going full speed ahead. Oh, and at the doctor's last weekend Landon weighed in at a hefty 21 pounds! He's a great eater these days.

I'd really like to freeze time and hang out here a while longer. Father Time, do you hear me? Where are you?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ear Infections

Every time Landon gets a cold he ends up with an ear infection in at least one if not both ears. They alway seem to wreak the most havoc at night...when the doctor's office is closed and the only option for relief is to go to the Emergency Room. Well, that's at least two of the four ear infections he's had. Yes, I said four. Four ear infections in fourteen months. UGH, my poor little guy.

We've all been passing a cold around since Monday. It seems to be a short lived cold, but still a cold. Guess what? Yup, ear infection for Landon. I thought we might escape this one since he seemed to be better and his ears hadn't been bothering him. I thought too soon apparently. I picked him up from Irma's on Friday afternoon where by her account he'd been having a pretty good day. We get home and he was super fussy. I thought for sure it was because it's been quite a week over here, I'm on crutches because I fell and sprained my ankle so I haven't been able to play and carry Landon as much as usual. I thought he was wanting some attention with his fussiness since he was super clingy. Fast forward to bedtime, it did not go well. Sca-reeeming. At the top of his lungs. Writhing. I got him to sleep once, put him down in his crib, screaming started again immediately and continued for a solid four hours. Tylenol, Motrin, ear drops...nothing helped. After a call to the advice nurse who offered us an appointment for the following day we decided that it just couldn't wait. Landon was so, so, so uncomfortable and inconsolable at that point. Nobody was able to sleep, neighbors included I'm sure, so off to the ER we went.

We got in and out of that place in less than two hours with antibiotics for the little guy. The verdict - both ears infected. I hate that we had to trek all the way over there in the middle of the night, but at least by the time the morning would come around he'd have some antibiotics on board and hopefully be feeling better sooner than if we had waited for an appointment.

Landon is feeling better already and we're all happy to have our smiley guy back. Ear infections are NO fun.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What a fun age!

We're loving life with our big one year old boy these days. Just when I get a little misty eyed thinking about how much he's grown out of the little baby phase and how much I miss my peanut he does something new and it makes me smile, and usually giggle.

Landon is walking like crazy! His favorite "game" right now is chase. He takes off, giggling all the way, if you tell him your going to get him. Likewise, if you run away from him and tell him he's going to get you he follows - and giggles. His favorite escape route? Right up the stairs...and he flies!

He's an eating machine. Gone are the days of purees, here are the days of quesadillas, meatballs, green beans, bananas, noodles with spaghetti sauce, peaches, and crackers (and more). Oh, does he love crackers. I used to keep a sleeve of whole wheat Ritz on the counter for easy grabbing for snack time. Thing is, now he knows they're there and will not eat whatever you put in front of him because he'd rather have a cracker. Stubborn? Yes. Wonder where he gets that from...

Landon LOVES to read. Seriously. Loves it. He'll fish out his books from his toy bins, bring them to you and hand them over then climb himself right into your lap so you can read him the book. It melts my heart each and every time. His favorite books right now include all things Dr. Seuss, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear, and Thumper Counts to Ten. Thumper seems to be his all time favorite as he'll pass it back and forth between Mama and Daddy sometimes four or five times. Crazy guy.

On the flipside, Landon has absolutely zero interest in watching TV. I've flipped it on at the end of an exhausting day in hope of a five or ten minute blissful break, and he's not interested. He likes the sound the TV makes when we turn it on, and his all time favorite toy (or non-toy as the case may be) is the remote control, but that's as far as his interest in TV goes.

His current favorite "real toy" is his Busy Ball Popper. He loves that thing and it will keep him entertained for a good half an hour.

Landon is babbling up a storm. We're quite certain he knows EXACTLY what he's talking about, but the problem is, he's speaking his very own language. Still, it's fun to watch and listen to him "talk" while his facial expressions change and he points to stuff. He points to EVERYTHING!

Another favorite past-time is turning the lights on and off. Landon loves to pull himself up to anyone that will pick him up and lunge toward the nearest light switch. As an added bonus, when he turns the light "off" he turns his head and blows it out.

Hugs on demand. I love them! If you ask Landon for some love he'll bury his head into your shoulder and will sometime wrap his arms around your neck. This is one of my all time favorite things EVER.

Landon has discovered the four legged creatures in our house. We have the makings of first "official" words in "dog" and "kitty" since we've got a couple wandering around here. Jake is the more tolerant of the dogs and will sit still while Landon pulls at his ears, gives him love and plays with his nose. Miss Kitty is curious enough to get close, but not sure about this mini human in her midst. Then ensues a game of chase...

Our days are full of love, sleeping is easier for all of us, and our little man is turning into just that - a little man. I'm in awe of just how much has changed this past year and am thoroughly looking forward to the time that's ahead of us.