Monday, October 5, 2009

First Haircut

Landon's hair was getting a little long. I didn't mind, but when the aunties and uncle started calling him Landon Dirt in protest of what were the beginnings of a mullet we decided to bite the bullet and get a haircut for the little guy.

This last Saturday we took him to Cool Tops for a new 'do and he did so well! Instead of old-fashioned barber chairs they have a car, a fire truck, a horse or a scooter to sit the kids in for their cut and they get to watch a movie while the scissors and clippers go on in the background. Landon still isn't all that into TV, so he could have cared less that Elmo was riding an elephant, but he sure did love the steering wheel on the car. He got a little nervous when the clippers came out, but after Mommy and Daddy both felt them - and he did too - he was much better.

After his cut he got his very first lollipop. He didn't quite understand the swallowing after licking part and was a drooley sticky mess after about 45 seconds. Since the sticky was already everywhere we figured why not just go with it? Johnny's Donuts, Daddy's favorite donut shop, was right down the street so we decided to make it a triple first day with Landon's first donut, which he LOVED.

The proof is in the pictures...

Landon's first donut...