Monday, February 22, 2010


I'm speaking a new language these days, only they don't offer classes in toddler-speak. It's all trial by fire but worry not, we're getting the hang of it. Sentances are emerging. Actual sentances with words strung together, three or four or five deep. Communication at last! We still get the grunting and pointing deal, but it's so much easier to go straight to the milk instead of playing twenty questions and picking up seven random objects playing our own version of hot and cold.

Bebe tot teetee pot (Baby Ant Has Stinky Pants, Landon's current favorite book)
Amada (Banana, he'd eat them all day long if we let him, maybe a monkey in a past life?)
Teetoo (Thank you, what a polite little guy)
Tajoo (Carro, car)
BoBo (Noble, one of his daycare buddies)
Hap Pesh (Help please, again, loving the politeness)
E-we-bo-dee (Everybody! I don't know what it is about this word but Landon loves to repeat it over and over and over)
Peedy (Pretty, aka, jewelry)
Basha, basha, basha (Brush 'em, brush 'em, brush 'em. Teeth, that is)
Ah-foos (Waffles. Breakfast yumminess)
Gogurt (Yogurt)
Bip (Dip. Bonus points if Landon can 'bip' his 'ah-foos' in his 'gogurt')

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It can't get any better...can it?

One word would describe things in casa de Poston right now: FUN! Landon is at such a fun age, his personality shines through in everything he does and his little brain comes up with some of the funniest, craziest stuff; I find myself giggling at him all the time.

We're becoming fluent in toddler speak over here, every day there seems to be new words and phrases spilling from Landon's mouth.

Splat (Pat)
I love you (Iuv ewe)
Feetsies (Teetsies)
Dance (Das)
Fishies (Ishies)
Uh oh!
I'm okay (I OK)
Happy (ah-ppy)
Truck truck (tuk tuk)
Zoom zoom (oohm oohm)
Airplane (airpane)

I so enjoy seeing the world unfold through Landon's eyes. It's a clean slate, everything is new and different and full of excitement and wonder. He'll stop dead in his tracks and dance along with music in the background when I never even was paying attention long enough to notice the music in the first place. He'll seek out the birdies and airplanes in the sky.

Santa brought a play kitchen and food for Christmas and he loves to carry around a pot of food as he stirs it. If you ask him what he's cooking he'll tell you it's, "soup!" and offer you a taste. He loves to "cheers" glasses and will clink his sippy cup with the dog's water dish if nobody else in the house has one available.

The other day I was sick and laying on the couch, my slippers on the floor right next to me. Landon inspected my feet underneath the blanket and put them on my feet, "Mama's shoes!" Once he had moved onto something else I replaced them next to the couch and dozed off. Upon awaking and trying to step into said slippers I found that he had taken his cups from the play kitchen and was using my slippers as cupholders.

His friend Jenna taught him how to twirl around, which is his new favorite thing to do. He'll twirl and spin until he's dizzy and then sit on the ground waiting for the world to settle back in again. Then he'll get up and do it all over again.

I'm amazed at what a little person Landon is becoming. He's got definite ideas of how he wants things done, what he wants for snack/lunch/dinner/etc., which bath toys he wants to play with, which shoes he wants to wear, what book he wants to read or which song he wants to sing. Each day brings a new discovery, a new opportunity, a new giggle, a new word. I'm loving and cherishing every moment.