Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ode to Cheerios

I've got my toast, but do you know where my Cheerio went?

How about now? Where'd my Cheerio go?

I think I've got it!

I love Cheerios!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some Firsts

Landon's first teeth! Can you see them?
Landon's first swing at the park
Landon's first Chemistry lesson, thanks Uncle John!

Landon's first trip to Spenger's
Note the matching bibs, only Landon is wondering why he got stuck with pears when Daddy gets fresh crab when he sports a bib. Yeah, raw deal buddy, I know.

Landon's first mohawk

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sleep....Glorious Sleep

Eight months ago Landon was less than a week old. He was the littlest peanut and so dang cute. Some things never change (he's still pretty dang cute - pictures to confirm soon, I promise), but lots of things have changed. It's exciting and sad all at the same time, but my baby boy is growing in leaps and bounds.

We've finally found success in Landon sleeping without a swaddle! He was getting pretty big to need to be swaddled, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to find a blanket big enough to keep him contained. At daycare on Friday Irma put him in his Pack and Play to wind down before naptime only to discover him belly down fast asleep just a short while later....and he slept that way for two whole hours! Better yet, he repeated the trick in the afternoon. So that night at home we did our normal bedtime routine. He was fighting the swaddle until I finally took him out of it and set him in his crib tummy down (yes, I know...back to sleep, but he can roll over and push himself up so I'm not too worried) and voila! Sleep! Glorious sleep! I'm not as thrilled with him being tummy down, but if that's what works for him then that's what we'll do.

He tried Cheerios and chunky apple sauce this weekend too. We've given Landon puffs in the past and he's not been too thrilled with them (truth be told I think Daddy likes them more than Landon does), so I put a few Cheerios on his high chair tray. He doesn't quite have the coordination to get them in his mouth, but with a little help and some funny faces while gumming them he does pretty well - and doesn't spit them out when given another. I think Cheerios win! I had a day of babyfood making today and decided to leave his applesauce chunky in an attempt to play with some different textures. He did pretty well at dinner tonight with the chunky applesauce, another success!

Another thing Landon loves? Amoxicillin. Pink medicine that tastes like Hubba Bubba, he LOVES the stuff. He won himself a perscription after landing an ear infection in each ear. Sleep had been a rare commodity in our house for about a week and a half. I took Landon to see his pediatrician on a Monday when he was declared healthy as a horse (yes, his ears were checked, no infection then). Fast forward to the following Sunday night/Monday morning. Nobody slept - at all. Landon would go to sleep and wake screaming as soon as his little head touched the crib mattress. Daddy and I took turns rocking (thank goodness for a reclining glider) until the sun came up and we returned to the pediatrician. All week I'd been saying that something was wrong, mommy's intuition I guess. Well, one look into Landon's left ear and Dr. Lande diagnosed an ear infection. Landon woudln't let him so much as touch the other ear, which didn't much matter since he needed an antibiotic already. Daddy stayed home with Landon while I went into work, but when I got home his poor right ear was crusted over. The verdict - an ear infection there too, and a ruptured eardrum to boot. No wonder he hadn't been sleeping well, especially the night before. No indication of an ear infection either, he hadn't been pulling on his ear or anything. Poor guy. He's doing MUCH better now.

Also noteworthy, we had dinner with the Riggs side of the family tonight in celebration of Uncle John's acceptance into the PhD program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at UC Davis - go Aggies! We're so proud of him and are equally excited that he'll be staying local and not moving to some ungodly far away place like Michigan. Who likes Michigan anyway....there's too much snow there. Uncle John has promised lots of science and math tutoring when Landon gets older. It was a late dinner since Uncle John had to go into work to feed his cells (I guess cells get hungry too, but they can't just go to the refrigerator) and Landon was such a little trooper! He can't wait to get rid of the purees and dive right into a nice steak - you could see it in his eyes.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

He pulled himself up!

Daddy and Landon were playing on the floor, Landon was sitting and Daddy was laying down on his side. Landon turned around, grabbed Daddy's knees, pulled himself onto his knees, and then before we knew it he was standing! Wowee, I don't know if we're ready for this yet...what happened to my itty bitty little baby boy? I have a hunch he's going to walk before he crawls.

In other news, sleeping has been AWFUL. Our best guess is that there are more pesky teeth trying to come in. Thurday night through Sunday night Landon did not sleep for more than two and a half hours at a time - through the night and naptimes included. By Monday morning both of us were wiped and we ended up paying a visit to Landon's pediatrician to make sure there wasn't something else going on. The good news is that the little guy is healthy as can be; the bad news is that we don't have any further answers. The last couple of nights have been a little better, but he's still been up three to four times each night. Come on, teeth!

Bonus points for going to the doctor though, we got to weigh Landon and he is now a whopping 16 pounds 6 ounces.