Monday, April 19, 2010

So Sweet!

The weather was gorgeous this weekend! Like, spend as much time as you possibly can, gorgeous. So we did! We spent almost the entire afternoon at the park on Saturday. Bliss, pure bliss. Landon had just about as much fun running around the huge grassy field as he did playing on the play structure. I think we might have spent more time chasing each other, finding pine cones, playing hide and seek, visiting dogs and picking dandelions.

Daddy taught Landon all about dandelions. Or, as Landon calls them, "fathers," (flowers). He would run off, find a dandelion, exclaim, "FATHER!" pick it and blow all the petals away. When he got tired of blowing them he'd pick them and come running back to me, "Mommy father! Mommy father!"

I couldn't help but melt right there, my little guy picking flowers for his Mommy.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hoppy Easter!

We all had a wonderful time celebrating Easter this year! Landon wasn't a fan of the Easter Bunny himself...

but on Easter morning after the Bunny dropped off a basket full of goodies for Landon he decided the Easter Bunny is an okay guy after all and now talks about him non-stop ('Eater' Bunny this, 'Eater' Bunny that...)

We were hoping for bright, sunny skies on Easter but were instead greeted with gray, rainy weather. It held up in the morning and all the kids at church were able to have their Easter egg hunt outside. Landon LOVED it!

He had a good time playing with his cousins and comparing Easter egg loot

Then we headed off to brunch with the whole family. Landon chowed down on some salmon courtesy of Granddad, strawberries courtesy of Auntie, Amadeen's (Grandma Jean's) salad and lemon tart from Bama. Those were the favorites anyway.

The atrium where brunch was served has a ginormous koi pond that runs throughout the entire room. Landon's excitement with the fishies was contageous and he had more fun running around trying to climb into the water.

We could hardly keep his attention to snap a quick family photo, all he wanted were the fishies!

We stopped by Grandma Phyllis' for a quick visit before heading over to Grandma Jean's for another Easter egg hunt

Grandma Jean had more fun putting together the egg hunt. She had all sorts of fun, non-traditional prizes that provided for some awesome afternoon entertainment.

All in all it was a fantastic day! We were all tired and probably are still full from brunch. Next up, Disneyland! We all leave bright and early tomorrow morning for a few days in the Happiest Place on Earth. Did you see that the Easter Bunny knew all about our trip and brought a few Mickey Mouse goodies for Landon? It was all we could do to pry 'Foofy' (Goofy) out of his arms and take his Mickey Mouse sunglasses off before going to daycare this morning. Although he doesn't really know what he's in for yet Landon is talking about going to Mickey's house. Stay tuned!