Friday, September 18, 2009

I don't want to forget...

Landon holds his hand out for you to hold so you can help him up or down the stairs or when he just generally wants to show you something.

He's really into his "fake" laugh and is always cracking himself up. It's like they're his own little inside jokes.

When I brush his teeth I give him another tooth brush to play with. He's started brushing my teeth when I brush his.

Landon's dance moves always include walking around waving his arms in the air. No hip or butt action at all, it's all about the arm wave.

His favorite toy right now is the phone. Any phone will do, play or otherwise, and he holds it to his ear and has the most amazing babble conversations to whoever is on the other end of that phone. Complete with fake little giggles.

If you're holding Landon and he wants something he'll give you kisses until he gets it. Like he's saying, "kay mom, I just gave you a give me that cracker."

He loves books still but is becoming quite a bit more independent with them. He'll still bring them to you to read, but when you're done reading through it the first time he takes it back and sits on the floor in front of you to read himself.

He'll also grab a book, climb himself up on the fireplace hearth and sit like a big boy to read his books to himself.

His favorite song is the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Landon is running!

He likes coloring with crayons.

He loves anything that makes noise. Banging on the floor with wooden spoons, clanging his stacking toys or puzzle pieces together, hitting the wall, loves the noise.

He giggles when he farts.

Landon is a carbhound. Loves crackers, ravioli, bread, Pirate's Booty and fruit (bonus points if it's bananas or blueberries).

People are amazed at just how mellow of a guy he is.

I never want to forget just how much fun he is right now and how much I love this little guy.