Friday, April 24, 2009

More favorites - 10 Months

Favorite sleep position - Tummy down, elbows tucked, butt in the air.
Not so favorite sleep position - On his back.

Favorite food - Oatmeal
Not so favorite food - Spinach and potato (can't say I blame him much though)

Favorite toy - The alphabet mat so of course he can rip it apart and chew on the pieces
Not so favorite toy - The Rainforest Jumper though I'm stupmped since he used to LOVE that thing. Now Landon bursts into tears whenever you try putting him in there.

Favorite method of drinking - Out of a straw sippy cup! YAY! No more bottles, just sippy cups.
Not so favorite method of drinking - Bottles. Won't take them.

Favorite song - It's a tie! Little Bunny FooFoo and The Itsy Bitsy Spider are neck and neck.
Not so favorite song - The ABCs; still doesn't like them.

Favorite tickle spot - Thighs or neck. I LOVE baby giggles
Not so favorite tickle spot - feet; Landon just doesn't care if you tickle his feet.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Landon says, "Happy Easter!"

The Easter Bunny brought him this instead of a basket full of candy that Daddy would probably eat anyway. Way to go, Easter Bunny!

And a baby burrito drying off and warming up after swimming lessons this week. FUN!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Where does the time go?

Well, these days time seems to disappear into playtime, naptime, diaper changes, bath time, swimming lessons, family dinners, and all sorts of other fun things. As of yesterday we have a ten month old on our hands - when did THAT happen? As another friend put it, it happened when we weren't looking...or right under our noses. Yeah, that sounds about right.

It's been an exciting week. Just when I blog all about how wonderful things are we hit a rough spot. Landon decided to go on a nursing strike for about two days, sleep was tough, as was eating anything at all. Thankfully Landon is back to his old happy-go-lucky and smiley self now.

Landon called Daddy "Dada" for the very first time on Thursday. My son said his first word - WOW! Mark and I looked at eachother in amazement and then I watched Mark's heart turn to putty and wrap Landon even tighter around his pinky finger.

As if a first word wasn't enough for the week, Landon has decided that pulling himself up isn't quite enough anymore; he stood all by himself for a good 30 seconds on Friday - his ten month birthday. I think he'll be walking sooner than we think, and that's a scary thought!

Not to be out-done, he cut his top left front tooth today - and I think there are at least two more on their way. This is probably why he was having such a rough time earlier this week. We've all decided that teething stinks.

Also today Auntie Em, Granddad, Maureen, Aunt B and Uncle John came over to dye Easter eggs and eat pizza. In celebration of that pesky tooth breaking through Landon had cheese pizza for dinner for the first time (along with spinach and potatos and pears) and loved it.

Now THIS is the life...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where'd my baby go?

This isn't the face of a baby, this is the face of a big boy.

So happy to be in the new playroom!

Future drummer?

What greets me after naptime. I love this face!

Birthday party planning is well underway, and I can't even believe I'm typing that out. Landon has perfected the art of pulling himself up...on EVERYTHING. He's crawling everywhere now, and picking up speed to boot. Life as we know it is changing...but for the good. Scratch that, life is GREAT! I love watching my little guy discover new things, conquer challenges (even if it is just a block under his knee), and melt my heart with that adorable toothy grin. We've had our fair share of challenges, but dang if it doesn't make these great times that much sweeter. If I could freeze time right now I might just consider it. Then again, just when I think it can't get any does.