Friday, January 23, 2009

More Favorites - 7 Months

Favorite toy - Sophie the giraffe
A rubber giraffe with a squeaker in there that makes it sound like a dog toy. He LOVEs chewing on her legs, ears, antler nubs, and it's easy for him to hold onto and fling around since she's so lightweight and has a long neck (read - handle). Can you tell he loves her? I'm referring to her like she's part of the family or something, not a toy. Bonus points since the dogs love her too; Santa brought a new Sophie after Dad microsteamed her and she "lost her voice" after the dogs got to her one day.

Not so favorite toy - Tummy time mat
Yup, still hates tummy time. Always has, always will?

Favorite food - Pears
Hands down, pears, loves them. My easy-going baby turns into a ravenous bear who acts like he's never been fed before as soon as we bring out the pears.

Not so favorite food - Mango
Landon will tolerate them for a little while, and he did actually like them when we first introduced them, but he's not a huge fan these days. The faces he makes when he realizes you've just given him a spoonful of mango when he doesn't want anymore. I'll have to put my "mean mommy" hat on and try to snap a picture.

Favorite book - Put Me in the Zoo
He's mezmorized. We could probably read it four or five times and he'll listen and look at the pages intently. Maybe he's trying to figure out how he can grow spots and change colors too.

Not so favorite book - Guess How Much I Love You
I think he's turned off by the names of the bunnies....who names their kid Little Nutbrown Hare anyway? I am kinda bummed though, since it's such a sweet story and sentiment. He'll grow to like it, I'm sure.

Favorite song - Its a tie! Old MacDonald and The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Little man LOVES it when we sing to him. I love to watch/listen to Daddy and Landon singing together because Daddy usually ends up making up the words and sometimes the melody too. Daddy's songs are usually far more entertaining than Mommy's boring old standards and lullabies. In Old MacDonald Landon loves it when there are piggies oinking on the farm; and in The Itsy Bitsy Spider he loves it when the spider is washed out.

Not so favorite song - Row Row Row Your Boat
He's less than enthusiastic when we're singing this to him. The only thing that will get him going with this one is if we push him on the glider ottoman...and then it's not about the song, it's about the swinging!

Another tooth update! Landon has officially sprouted two teeth! Both bottom middle teeth are through his gums, and he's drooling MUCH less these days, which makes me happy because it's giving the rash under his chins (yes, plural) some time to heal.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Houston, we have....

Teeth! Well, tooth, I think; Landon won't let me in that sore little mouth of his long enough to really feel around to see if there are two right next to eachother or if it's just one, but it's definitely a tooth nonetheless! He was all smiles in playgroup this morning and got a few comments on his new toothy grin. Now if only we could get a picture. So, at seven months (yikes!) and one week Landon sprouted his very first tooth. He'll be eating steak and potatos like his Daddy in no time at all. Or if Grandma Cathy and Auntie Em have anything to say about it, he'll be onto salami shortly.

I've been bad about updating but it's because we've been having so much fun around here! We've officially decided to renovate/remodel the house and plans are well underway, we've celebrated birthdays - Auntie Kate, Great Grandma Jean, and Landon's friend Cheyanne who just turned two. We busted out all the fun toys Landon got for Christmas, tried several new foods, took a bath in the big boy bathtub, and have started giving kisses (read big, wet, open mouth slobbers - but so sweet). Who can blame me for being gone?

I promise, details soon. Oh, and pictures too.