Monday, July 27, 2009

Camera Dump

I know, I know...bad mommy. I've been hoarding pictures in my camera since Hawaii. Yes, you read that right, Hawaii, in May. Here's a peek at some of the fun we've been having lately.
We spent lots of time at the beach, Landon LOVED the sand but wasn't so sure about the waves.

Playing in the sand

Trying to dig himself a hole back home to avoid the airport. It didn't work, and he did great on the plane.

My boys on our last night in paradise.

A birthday boy CHEESE!
Tackling the presents!
Landon LOVES cake!

More presents with Grandma.

Our little family.

One of Landon's favorite things to do - walking to the screen door and pounding on it.

Granddad taught him how to put olives on his fingers. See the pickle on his tray? He LOVES pickles.
Helping Daddy with his presents on Father's Day.

He got in there all by himself.

Happy Guy!

This was right before he decided he didn't like the merry-go-round.

Fourth of July on the train at Pixie Playland.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Steps! We have steps!

It was very exciting around our house last night, Landon took his official first independent steps! No cruising, no holding hands, he walked from Mark to me all by himself - and then he walked back to Mark - back and forth eight or nine times! He was so tickled with himself that once he reached either one of us Landon would squeal with delight, dance on his little feet, and flap his arms like crazy before calming himself down and going right back out there.

He's got tons of practicing to do still and would rather crawl than walk anywhere since he gets there so much faster, but I can see walking on the horizon...and I'm sure running isn't too far behind.

Holy crap, what are we in for?!?!