Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where have we been?

The more appropriate quesiton might be, where HAVEN'T we been? The holidays have come and gone, we've all been enjoying life and staying as far away from the computer screen as possible soaking up every moment possible with a litte two and a half foot tall, blonde toddler running amuck. And we've been having a blast!

We took our annual trip up to the Plumas National Forest the weekend before Thanksgiving to pick out our Christmas tree and visit Great Grandpa Jay. There was a lot of snow on the ground and while it wasn't technically Landon's first trip to the snow since there was a bit on the ground last year, it was Landon's first time out in the snow, tromping around. He takes after his mommy on this one as he wasn't a big fan. I think he had more fun in the car with the aunties honking the horn and steering the steering wheel. We all had a great time and brought along Landon's buddy Jenna and her mom and dad. It was a long day, but the kiddos did great! Jenna loved the snow much more than Landon did, she couldn't get enough of the sled.

Landon enjoyed turkey and all the trimmings for Thanksgiving. He especially loved the green beans and pumpkin pie. We hosted Great Grandma Jean, Granddad, Maureen, Aunt B, Aunties Kate and Em and Uncle John. Grandma Cathy spent the holiday in Iowa. We all had a great time!

Christmastime through a child's eyes is the most amazing, fun, heartwarming experience ever. The only thing Landon wasn't a fan of was Santa. We read books, attempted to watch movies, talked about it and walked by Santa at the mall in preparation for sitting on the Big Guy's lap. No such luck. What we do have is one of those fantastic shots of a tearful toddler wishing he was anywhere else in the world. Ahh, what a difference a year makes.

"WOOOOWWWW!!!" was Landon's favorite word there for a while and was exclaimed often. Turning on our Christmas lights, sitting in the front window looking at the neighbor's lights outside, riding around in the car when it was dark, seeing any Christmas tree all decorated and lit up. Landon's favorite thing was the remote control train we set up underneath the Christmas tree. He loved pushing the buttons making the "choo choo" move forward and backward and turning the music on and off. The train was also an awesome distraction from the tree itself and Landon generally kept himself out of the ornaments and the gifts under the tree. So much fun.

Daycare closed for two weeks during Christmas and New Years, so the three of us were able to spend a solid chunk of time together at home which was probably the best present of all. We made candy, wrapped presents, and ventured out to the Academy of Science in San Francisco, the Oakland Zoo and Tilden Park.

We're all settling into 2010 and continue to enjoy letting life unfold. Landon is growing and learning by leaps and bounds and we're all soaking up the hugs, kisses, singing, dancing and even the occasional tantrum. 2010 is proving to be a great year already in our house.