Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Boys

The boys are growing and changing before our eyes. It's exciting, fun and crazy with a twinge of sadness in there too. I wish I could bottle them up right now, maybe stop time for a while and savor every moment with them just as they are right now.

Landon is almost three years old. It sounds so strange to me to say that. He'll be closer to school age than baby. Crazy! He's still the sweet boy he's always been but has definitely been testing the waters lately. Bedtimes have been tough, and I sit here past 9:30 at night typing away and he's not asleep yet. Even with the challenges that come with these days he's definitely goofy and fun and full of imagination. Toddler speak is making way for big boy words and thoughts.

Mickey Mouse still reigns but has been joined by Handy Manny, Jake and the "Netherland Parts" (Jake and the Never Land Pirates) and Babar. Landon loves to read books, his favorites are Mr. Bell's Fixit Shop, Funny Farm and Five Little Monkeys. He's a great eater most of the time and will try anything unless it's tomatoes or eggs, he'll tell you very matter-of-factly that he does NOT like tomatoes or eggs no matter how much ketchup you dump on them. Speaking of ketchup, the other day we had hot dogs for lunch. Landon informed me that he wanted ketchup, mustard and grelish on his hot dog. I probably should correct him but instead I told him I'd be happy to put some grelish on his hot dog. Landon loves music and has made friends with the neighbor kids next door since they have a drum set in their garage. Anytime he hears Jack playing the drums he stops what he's doing and convinces us to take him next door to play with Jack. Uncle John is very excited about this and is looking forward to setting up one of his drum sets for Landon's upcoming birthday party. Landon's current favorite toy is the sandbox. He'll literally spend hours playing in the sand. He'll also turn his buckets upside down, set them up like a drum set and wail on them like a rock star. In the car he demands to hear the "drumming song," Train's "Save Me San Francisco." He rocks out drumming on his legs, dancing in his seat and singing along.

Landon is very excited to start preschool in the fall and often talks about his new school. His imagination it at work quite a bit these days, he frequently talks about his work. Since Daddy works in public works and has all the backhoes and bulldozers at work every time Landon sees a construction site or yard with heavy equipment nearby he excitedly tells us that we found his work. All roads lead to Landon's work.

Sam is four months old. We've been blessed with such an easygoing baby who more often than not sleeps through the night. I joke that he's such a good baby he's going to trick us into having another one. Sam is smiley and giggly and ticklish. He's strong and determined. He started rolling from his back to his tummy at three and a half months old, and though he doesn't like being on his tummy he's figured out that it gives him the best vantage point to see everything. He's held his head up very well for over a month now and would be able to sit on his own if he had the balance thing down. Sam is snuggley and sweet and doles his smiles out to anyone who wants one. I have a feeling he's going to be a funny little guy and while I can't wait to see who he grows up to be I want him to stay just like this forever. Sam loves being outside going for walks, swinging on the patio swing or just sitting on the front steps watching Landon play in the grass or ride his bike. His big blue eyes melt my heart every time I see them and his sweet gummy smile make way for the most kissable cheeks ever. I'll sometimes hold him while he naps so that I can memorize every inch of his face.

We are so blessed, our little family of four, and even though I'm outnumbered three to one I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my boys and cannot imagine life without them.