Thursday, November 12, 2009

Favorites - 17 Months

Yes, I said 17 months. Where did the time go?!?! I have no idea, but we're having fun.

Favorite Activity - Reading. He loves it and nothing makes me happier when he grabs a book and backs himself up to sit in my lap to read him a book. So cute, and the closest thing I get to snuggle time. We have a set of picture books and he loves to look at them and point everything out. Where's the apple, dolly, doggie, feet, baby, wheelbarrow, leaf, birdie, etc.? He'll show you.

Favorite Book - It's a tie! The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Goodnight Moon. Just like the picture books, he can point everything out in them. Caterpillar, cheese, and pickle are the favorites in the Caterpillar book and the mouse, bunny, zapatos (shoes) and cow are the favorites in Goodnight Moon.

Favorite Song - The ABCs! The only way I can get Landon washed in the bathtub with minimal to no whining (he'd rather blow bubbles and play with his squirting fish toy, can't say I blame him) is if we sing the ABCs. He claps after it's over and then signs for more.

Favorite Toy - Any ride on toy. He loves his car that the Easter Bunny brought him, his firetruck from Uncle Erik and his tractor that Grandma Cathy got for him.

Favorite Park Activity - Steering wheels, he LOVES steering wheels. He'll seek out any steering wheel on the play structure and spend forever "driving" himself around and honking the horn (even if there's not one). Occasionally he'll go down the slide or want to go on the swings, but he'd be perfectly happy hanging out by the steering wheel the entire time. If redirected he always finds himself back there.

Favorite Food - Ravioli. Hands down. My little carb hound will scarf them down in no time flat. He loves the pasta, the filling and the sauce. If his veggies are bathed in pasta sauce they're good as gone. The other night for dinner he polished off eight ravioli, a good quarter cup of veggies, and half a banana. He must be going through a growth spurt, I don't know where he put it all!

Favorite Word - Doggie. Doggies are everywhere! Cody and Jake are always around, and he's always reminding us of them. In the car when he sees someone walking he'll exclaim, "doggie!" Even if they don't have one. In pictures, in books, when he hears one barking. Doggie, doggie, doggie! If you ask him what a doggie says Landon will kick his feet out and say, "woof woof."

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Life of Landon

Life has been a little crazy and jam-packed full of stuff lately. We've been having a great time with Halloween, pumpkin patches, Apple Hill, birthday parties, trips to the park and all sorts of other stuff. October was a great month! Proof in pictures to come, but in the meantime Landon is growing and evolving in leaps and bounds.

He is talking. His favorite word is doggie. When we're in the car and he spots a doggie outside, "doggie!" Even if there's someone walking and they don't have a dog with them it's, "doggie!" When you ask him what a doggie says he shakes his legs and says what is supposed to be "woof woof," but sounds more like, "vah vah," I love it. He also says (and I'm sure I'm leaving something out):

All clean (ah ceen)
Carro (cawo)
Heide (cousin)
Hi doggie
Hi kitty
Vroom vroom
Pumpkin (pukin)
Wash wash (bash bash)
Dry dry dry (die die die)
Zapatos (patos)
Sockies (ahkies)

The other night he was asleep and we were prepping everything for the next day. The entire house was silent with just the hum of Landon's humidifier buzzing through the monitor when all of a sudden I hear the sweetest little voice, "doggie, woof woof," then silence again. Silly guy was talking in his sleep.

He's currently got eight teeth but his gums are bulging with the first molars ready to poke through at any moment. Speaking of teeth though, he loves brushing his teeth. We take turns; first Mama brushes, then Landon brushes, then Mama brushes, then Landon brushes. He even sticks his tongue out to brush it. He also likes getting his ears cleaned and sits very still when we're at the doctor and they're looking in his ears, funny guy.

If his future career is based upon the things he likes to do now then he's either going to be a chef, a racecar driver or an author. He loves to watch anything going on in the kitchen and will shimmy his way between me and the counter and demand to be picked up. We've taken to putting a chair against the counter so he can see what's going on. He loves anything steering wheel related. If there's a steering wheel at the park on the play structure he'll sit and play with it almost the entire time, while he makes his vroom vroom noise of course. He also loves his ride on firetruck and tractor toys he got for his birthday and the push car that the Easter Bunny brought. Landon also loves to read. We typically read at least four books at night before going to bed because he wants to read more and more. I love it when he grabs a book from the basket in his playroom, brings it over to me and climbs into my lap to read. It does get a little unnerving when we've read Thumper Counts to Ten or Five Little Pumpkins three or four times and he's still signing "more" to read it again.

Landon's an eating machine right now! He must be getting ready to enter a growth spurt as he's eating enough to satisfy an adult. A few nights ago we had spinach and cheese ravioli, he ate seven of them. Seven! He was signing for more so I gave him some broccoli, he ate three florettes then a small handful of grapes and an eight ounce cup of milk. Last night we had pork tenderloin for dinner. He ate three slices of pork, a handful of peas, half an apple (which he would have finished if I let him) and probably six ounces of milk. Gone are the early reflux days when we were all worried about him eating well and gaining weight, he's doing just fine now!

I love to hear his little laugh. His ribs, thighs, chin and feet are the most ticklish, which we take advantage of often. He's taken to tickling our feet through our shoes or when we're in our socks. It's more forceful than real tickles, but he cracks himself up once we start "laughing," which then sends us into real fits of laughter.

The best part of my day is picking Landon up from daycare and hearing him call, "mamamama!" as I walk through the door. Big hugs and kisses are exchanged and then he waves bye bye to Irma. He's such a joy to be around and every time I think I like this age the best things just get better.

We're looking forward to the next few months as the holidays approach. I'm so excited to experience Christmas through the eyes of a child - my child. The lights, the train around the tree, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Santa, presents, fires in the fireplace, warm snuggles on cool nights, splashing in puddles when it rains, I'm looking forward to it all.

Monday, October 5, 2009

First Haircut

Landon's hair was getting a little long. I didn't mind, but when the aunties and uncle started calling him Landon Dirt in protest of what were the beginnings of a mullet we decided to bite the bullet and get a haircut for the little guy.

This last Saturday we took him to Cool Tops for a new 'do and he did so well! Instead of old-fashioned barber chairs they have a car, a fire truck, a horse or a scooter to sit the kids in for their cut and they get to watch a movie while the scissors and clippers go on in the background. Landon still isn't all that into TV, so he could have cared less that Elmo was riding an elephant, but he sure did love the steering wheel on the car. He got a little nervous when the clippers came out, but after Mommy and Daddy both felt them - and he did too - he was much better.

After his cut he got his very first lollipop. He didn't quite understand the swallowing after licking part and was a drooley sticky mess after about 45 seconds. Since the sticky was already everywhere we figured why not just go with it? Johnny's Donuts, Daddy's favorite donut shop, was right down the street so we decided to make it a triple first day with Landon's first donut, which he LOVED.

The proof is in the pictures...

Landon's first donut...

Friday, September 18, 2009

I don't want to forget...

Landon holds his hand out for you to hold so you can help him up or down the stairs or when he just generally wants to show you something.

He's really into his "fake" laugh and is always cracking himself up. It's like they're his own little inside jokes.

When I brush his teeth I give him another tooth brush to play with. He's started brushing my teeth when I brush his.

Landon's dance moves always include walking around waving his arms in the air. No hip or butt action at all, it's all about the arm wave.

His favorite toy right now is the phone. Any phone will do, play or otherwise, and he holds it to his ear and has the most amazing babble conversations to whoever is on the other end of that phone. Complete with fake little giggles.

If you're holding Landon and he wants something he'll give you kisses until he gets it. Like he's saying, "kay mom, I just gave you a give me that cracker."

He loves books still but is becoming quite a bit more independent with them. He'll still bring them to you to read, but when you're done reading through it the first time he takes it back and sits on the floor in front of you to read himself.

He'll also grab a book, climb himself up on the fireplace hearth and sit like a big boy to read his books to himself.

His favorite song is the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Landon is running!

He likes coloring with crayons.

He loves anything that makes noise. Banging on the floor with wooden spoons, clanging his stacking toys or puzzle pieces together, hitting the wall, loves the noise.

He giggles when he farts.

Landon is a carbhound. Loves crackers, ravioli, bread, Pirate's Booty and fruit (bonus points if it's bananas or blueberries).

People are amazed at just how mellow of a guy he is.

I never want to forget just how much fun he is right now and how much I love this little guy.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ode to Bathtime

You mean all these toys are for me??

Don't bother me...I'm playing!

I've almost got it!
Blowing bubbles is the BEST THING EVER!!

Drying off...but not for long...

Look at me goooo!
No, I cannot be contained.

Look Ma, I've got a cape!

All sweet and clean.


Don't let the bedbugs bite!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What a weekend!

Ever have those weekends that you wish would go on forever? This one has been fabulous, we seriously need a few more days here.

It started on Friday with dinner out with the entire family for Grandma Cathy's birthday where we met another baby Landon. At dinner, Landon tried chicken taquitos and a few bites of churro for the first time. He loved them both. Then, frozen yogurt where everyone shared with Landon. Grandma Cathy even snuck some caramel in there and I couldn't get mad at her since it was her birthday. We then headed over to Marshall's for a little shopping (the birthday girl's request). It was a late night, Landon was great through it all, and I found the absolute cutest pajamas for Landon! Flannel button up Mickey Mouse jammies. I can't wait until they fit!

Saturday we hung out at home in the morning before heading over to Grandma Jean's to celebrate all the August birthdays with the Riggs side of the family. Landon went swimming with Granddad, the kid loves swimming! His newest trick is putting his face in the water and blowing bubbles. Serious cuteness. Landon's newest favorite food just might be ravioli. Or salami. Or both. He couldn't get enough of either one. He had a great time helping all the birthday celebrants open presents and even helped Mommy blow out some birthday candles. Another late night that didn't phase him in the least. When we got home at 10pm I jumped in the shower with him to quickly rinse off all the pool water before bed. Problem was, it wasn't so quick after all. Landon started blowing raspberries on my shoulder as I was trying to get him rinsed off. The raspberries made him laugh, which made me laugh, which made him laugh and then blow another raspberry. Lather, rinse, repeat. We laughed back and forth for a good ten minutes. Screw bedtime!

Sunday brought us a late morning since we were up so late the night before. After breakfast we headed over to the farmer's market for some produce and an impromptu meeting with the rubber ducky derby mascot, a lifesize duck. Landon saw him and pointed to him from across the courtyard and headed that direction. This was Landon's first encounter with anything "life size" so we weren't sure how he'd react. Well, he went right up to him and patted the duck on the stomach, shook "hands" with his wing, and patted his beak when Daddy picked him up. We literally had to drag him away screaming when it was time to go. It sure was cute though. After naptime we headed out to the park where Landon played and couldn't get enough of the misters, he loves them and squeals and giggles when you turn them on. He's also into wheels these days and loves to "drive" the train at the park. Home for dinner, where we've discovered Landon likes red bell peppers. Random, but good nonetheless.

Other recent milestones...Landon is just about running. He's very sure-footed and has no problem getting from point A to point B on foot. His aunties took him to buy some new shoes last weekend, which are getting broken in at warp speed. We've been introducing cow's milk slowly, and went for 100% cow's milk in his sippy cup this weekend since we've been able to gradually increase the cow's milk and decrease the soy milk. I'm not quite sold on the cow's milk yet, but he loves it and seems to be doing well despite a little skin irritation when he spills it on himself. We're keeping an eye on it but still going full speed ahead. Oh, and at the doctor's last weekend Landon weighed in at a hefty 21 pounds! He's a great eater these days.

I'd really like to freeze time and hang out here a while longer. Father Time, do you hear me? Where are you?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ear Infections

Every time Landon gets a cold he ends up with an ear infection in at least one if not both ears. They alway seem to wreak the most havoc at night...when the doctor's office is closed and the only option for relief is to go to the Emergency Room. Well, that's at least two of the four ear infections he's had. Yes, I said four. Four ear infections in fourteen months. UGH, my poor little guy.

We've all been passing a cold around since Monday. It seems to be a short lived cold, but still a cold. Guess what? Yup, ear infection for Landon. I thought we might escape this one since he seemed to be better and his ears hadn't been bothering him. I thought too soon apparently. I picked him up from Irma's on Friday afternoon where by her account he'd been having a pretty good day. We get home and he was super fussy. I thought for sure it was because it's been quite a week over here, I'm on crutches because I fell and sprained my ankle so I haven't been able to play and carry Landon as much as usual. I thought he was wanting some attention with his fussiness since he was super clingy. Fast forward to bedtime, it did not go well. Sca-reeeming. At the top of his lungs. Writhing. I got him to sleep once, put him down in his crib, screaming started again immediately and continued for a solid four hours. Tylenol, Motrin, ear drops...nothing helped. After a call to the advice nurse who offered us an appointment for the following day we decided that it just couldn't wait. Landon was so, so, so uncomfortable and inconsolable at that point. Nobody was able to sleep, neighbors included I'm sure, so off to the ER we went.

We got in and out of that place in less than two hours with antibiotics for the little guy. The verdict - both ears infected. I hate that we had to trek all the way over there in the middle of the night, but at least by the time the morning would come around he'd have some antibiotics on board and hopefully be feeling better sooner than if we had waited for an appointment.

Landon is feeling better already and we're all happy to have our smiley guy back. Ear infections are NO fun.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What a fun age!

We're loving life with our big one year old boy these days. Just when I get a little misty eyed thinking about how much he's grown out of the little baby phase and how much I miss my peanut he does something new and it makes me smile, and usually giggle.

Landon is walking like crazy! His favorite "game" right now is chase. He takes off, giggling all the way, if you tell him your going to get him. Likewise, if you run away from him and tell him he's going to get you he follows - and giggles. His favorite escape route? Right up the stairs...and he flies!

He's an eating machine. Gone are the days of purees, here are the days of quesadillas, meatballs, green beans, bananas, noodles with spaghetti sauce, peaches, and crackers (and more). Oh, does he love crackers. I used to keep a sleeve of whole wheat Ritz on the counter for easy grabbing for snack time. Thing is, now he knows they're there and will not eat whatever you put in front of him because he'd rather have a cracker. Stubborn? Yes. Wonder where he gets that from...

Landon LOVES to read. Seriously. Loves it. He'll fish out his books from his toy bins, bring them to you and hand them over then climb himself right into your lap so you can read him the book. It melts my heart each and every time. His favorite books right now include all things Dr. Seuss, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear, and Thumper Counts to Ten. Thumper seems to be his all time favorite as he'll pass it back and forth between Mama and Daddy sometimes four or five times. Crazy guy.

On the flipside, Landon has absolutely zero interest in watching TV. I've flipped it on at the end of an exhausting day in hope of a five or ten minute blissful break, and he's not interested. He likes the sound the TV makes when we turn it on, and his all time favorite toy (or non-toy as the case may be) is the remote control, but that's as far as his interest in TV goes.

His current favorite "real toy" is his Busy Ball Popper. He loves that thing and it will keep him entertained for a good half an hour.

Landon is babbling up a storm. We're quite certain he knows EXACTLY what he's talking about, but the problem is, he's speaking his very own language. Still, it's fun to watch and listen to him "talk" while his facial expressions change and he points to stuff. He points to EVERYTHING!

Another favorite past-time is turning the lights on and off. Landon loves to pull himself up to anyone that will pick him up and lunge toward the nearest light switch. As an added bonus, when he turns the light "off" he turns his head and blows it out.

Hugs on demand. I love them! If you ask Landon for some love he'll bury his head into your shoulder and will sometime wrap his arms around your neck. This is one of my all time favorite things EVER.

Landon has discovered the four legged creatures in our house. We have the makings of first "official" words in "dog" and "kitty" since we've got a couple wandering around here. Jake is the more tolerant of the dogs and will sit still while Landon pulls at his ears, gives him love and plays with his nose. Miss Kitty is curious enough to get close, but not sure about this mini human in her midst. Then ensues a game of chase...

Our days are full of love, sleeping is easier for all of us, and our little man is turning into just that - a little man. I'm in awe of just how much has changed this past year and am thoroughly looking forward to the time that's ahead of us.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Camera Dump

I know, I know...bad mommy. I've been hoarding pictures in my camera since Hawaii. Yes, you read that right, Hawaii, in May. Here's a peek at some of the fun we've been having lately.
We spent lots of time at the beach, Landon LOVED the sand but wasn't so sure about the waves.

Playing in the sand

Trying to dig himself a hole back home to avoid the airport. It didn't work, and he did great on the plane.

My boys on our last night in paradise.

A birthday boy CHEESE!
Tackling the presents!
Landon LOVES cake!

More presents with Grandma.

Our little family.

One of Landon's favorite things to do - walking to the screen door and pounding on it.

Granddad taught him how to put olives on his fingers. See the pickle on his tray? He LOVES pickles.
Helping Daddy with his presents on Father's Day.

He got in there all by himself.

Happy Guy!

This was right before he decided he didn't like the merry-go-round.

Fourth of July on the train at Pixie Playland.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Steps! We have steps!

It was very exciting around our house last night, Landon took his official first independent steps! No cruising, no holding hands, he walked from Mark to me all by himself - and then he walked back to Mark - back and forth eight or nine times! He was so tickled with himself that once he reached either one of us Landon would squeal with delight, dance on his little feet, and flap his arms like crazy before calming himself down and going right back out there.

He's got tons of practicing to do still and would rather crawl than walk anywhere since he gets there so much faster, but I can see walking on the horizon...and I'm sure running isn't too far behind.

Holy crap, what are we in for?!?!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Landon!

One year ago at this moment I was holding my tiny newborn son. It's crazy to think that he's now officially a year old. Where did the time go? It's been a whirlwind of a year full of the highest highs ever and some difficult low points as well. All in all, we survived, and we're up for another year - really many more to come.

It's bittersweet. I miss my cuddly baby that relied on me for everything. I miss the toothless grin and the toes that would curl around my finger. I miss his little bald head and that newborn baby smell. I miss being home with him all day and not having to worry about anything else going on in the world but our little family of three. Yet at the same time I love that he's able to feed himself right now, I love his blond hair that's grown in perfectly, I love the toothy smile he flashes when he sees me coming. I love the big open mouth slobbery kisses and the way he rests his head on my shoulder giving me a little hug. I love seeing him so excited to see me when I pick him up from daycare and the way he sprint crawls across the room to get to me. I love his chitter chatter and the way he says Mama! I also look forward to the years to come. Seeing him grow up and becoming his own person, seeing his personality develop and that sparkle in his eye. I look forward to teaching him how to walk and ride a bike and pump on the swings. I look forward to finding out more about this little creature, this being that we created out of love.

I've learned so much this past year, it's crazy. I've learned...

That time does not stand still no matter how much you want it to.
That you must treasure each moment.
To never say never.
That miracles do happen.
That no matter how difficult things may be I can keep going.
That love at first sight really does exist.
That I can function on very little sleep.
That I have the perfect husband for me.
That my family and friends have an immeasurable value.
That a baby is far more entertaining than TV.
That it's okay to ask for help.
That it's even more okay to accept help.
To say what I mean.
To mean what I say.
That laundry will still be there later.
That a lived in house is better than a clean one.
That for being so little babies sure do come with a whole bunch of stuff.
That sometimes blessings are disguised.
That each and every day of life is a blessing.

Happy Birthday my sweet, amazing, wonderful, independent, handsome, smiley, giggly, silly, cuddly, fabulous, miraculous baby boy. You will always be mommy's baby boy, no matter how big or how old you get. I love you.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

One year ago tomorrow

One year ago tomorrow we entered the hospital as two, and a week later left as three. It's crazy to think that a year has flown by and my itty bitty baby that was once inside a protruding belly was just about to be born. Exactly one year ago at this moment I do believe all the wonderful women in my life were bustling about trying like crazy to get everything ready for a baby to come home. We thought we'd have a couple more weeks, but when the doctor said we'd be going in on June 8th to get induced things picked up into high gear. It didn't help matters with me being on bedrest, talk about a frustrated momma!

I could not have prepared myself for this last year; it's been one of the most rewarding, challenging, joyous, hard, wonderful, crazy, one-of-a-kind years I'll ever have. The fact of the matter is, nothing prepares you to be a mommy. Sometimes I find myslef drifting back to the days when Landon wasn't around. Sure, I was rested and could get a ton of errands done in a couple of hours; life didn't revolve around nap and feeding times, but I'll take this mommy stuff over all that any day of the week. This precious being knows who I am, loves to snuggle me, laughs at my goofy faces, comes straight to me for comfort, and is most definitely wrapped around my finger.

What a difference a year makes.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Favorites - 11 Months

Favorite food - Oatmeal, I can usually trick Landon into eating the veggies he's suddenly decided he doesn't like as long as I hide them under a spoonful of oatmeal. I think he's onto me though.
Least favorite food - Squash, his aunties taught him how to stick his tongue out while we were in Hawaii and now he's figured out how to get anything off his tongue he doesn't like instead of just swallowing it. He won't even open his mouth for squash anymore, stinker!

Favorite toy - The remote control and cordless phone are neck and neck here.
Least favorite toy - Rings, he used to love them and now he just throws them across the room.

Favorite word - Mamamamamamama, I LOVE IT!
Least favorite word - No, he shakes his head no and then smiles at you. It's so hard not to smile and laugh.

Favorite book - Mr. Brown Can Moo, he loves the sounds.
Least favorite book - Baby Ant Has Stinky Pants, I keep telling him that he's not baby ant and is not stinky, but what do I know.

Favorite thing to do - Point. At EVERYTHING. He makes a SHSH noise while he's pointing too. His particular favorite? Lights and ceiling fans.
Least favorite thing to do - Get his nose cleaned off, you'd think I was committing a crime.

Favorite finger food - Bananas, we've been struggling with finger foods and finally found something that he'll eat by himself. I also gave him cantelope today and he did pretty well with that too. I think we've got a carb-hound on our hands.
Least favorite finger food - Green beans, we've been working on keeping them on the high chair tray since he doesn't even want them around.

Favorite song - Itsy Bitsy Spider, he still loves it although I think it's all for the crawling up the spout part since he loves to be tickled.
Least favorite song - The ABCs. Nope, still not ready to read apparently.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We're here!

In Hawaii, that is. This week is full of firsts, are you ready? We took Landon on his first plane ride on his first trip to the Hawaiian Islands to spend a week in Kona on the Big Island. Landon did such a great job on the plane and was the perfect baby; we got tons of compliments from our neighbors and from the crew. Aunties Kate and Em and Uncle John are joining us in Hawaii and did a great job of helping to keep our little guy entertained while we were en route. Really, I can't get over just how impressed I am with his fabulous behavior and go with the flow attitude, especially since our flight was delayed over two hours, and we even had to switch planes.

Now that we're here on the island Landon has continued to shine. I think he's the only one that has gotten himself onto island time (three hours behind California), sleeping in his pack and play without his white noise machine (we did borrow a smaller version from a friend). The one thing that's been slipping a bit has been eating - Landon does NOT like jarred babyfood and I can't say I blame him too much, some of that stuff smells terrible!

Onto more firsts! So far this week Landon has gotten his first taste of sand, literally, dipped his toes in the ocean and gone out on a snorkel and sea swimming adventure, walked along the beach (with help from Mommy and Daddy), learned how to stick his tongue out, point to everything, blow, and has been super duper chatty. We've discovered that Landon loves pineapple sorbet, fried rice, french bread, and mashed potato. More details and pictures when we get home.

Another first, though of the not so fun kind, first hives. I gave Landon a little bite of my vanilla ice cream since he really has liked it in the past and after all - we're on vacation! A few minutes later he had hives all over his mouth. A small panic attack, a trip to the car to call the advice nurse, lots of water and almost some Benadryl later he's just fine. No more ice cream though, at least not for a really long time.

That's about it here in Hawaii for now. Much more to come though, I'm sure.

Friday, April 24, 2009

More favorites - 10 Months

Favorite sleep position - Tummy down, elbows tucked, butt in the air.
Not so favorite sleep position - On his back.

Favorite food - Oatmeal
Not so favorite food - Spinach and potato (can't say I blame him much though)

Favorite toy - The alphabet mat so of course he can rip it apart and chew on the pieces
Not so favorite toy - The Rainforest Jumper though I'm stupmped since he used to LOVE that thing. Now Landon bursts into tears whenever you try putting him in there.

Favorite method of drinking - Out of a straw sippy cup! YAY! No more bottles, just sippy cups.
Not so favorite method of drinking - Bottles. Won't take them.

Favorite song - It's a tie! Little Bunny FooFoo and The Itsy Bitsy Spider are neck and neck.
Not so favorite song - The ABCs; still doesn't like them.

Favorite tickle spot - Thighs or neck. I LOVE baby giggles
Not so favorite tickle spot - feet; Landon just doesn't care if you tickle his feet.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Landon says, "Happy Easter!"

The Easter Bunny brought him this instead of a basket full of candy that Daddy would probably eat anyway. Way to go, Easter Bunny!

And a baby burrito drying off and warming up after swimming lessons this week. FUN!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Where does the time go?

Well, these days time seems to disappear into playtime, naptime, diaper changes, bath time, swimming lessons, family dinners, and all sorts of other fun things. As of yesterday we have a ten month old on our hands - when did THAT happen? As another friend put it, it happened when we weren't looking...or right under our noses. Yeah, that sounds about right.

It's been an exciting week. Just when I blog all about how wonderful things are we hit a rough spot. Landon decided to go on a nursing strike for about two days, sleep was tough, as was eating anything at all. Thankfully Landon is back to his old happy-go-lucky and smiley self now.

Landon called Daddy "Dada" for the very first time on Thursday. My son said his first word - WOW! Mark and I looked at eachother in amazement and then I watched Mark's heart turn to putty and wrap Landon even tighter around his pinky finger.

As if a first word wasn't enough for the week, Landon has decided that pulling himself up isn't quite enough anymore; he stood all by himself for a good 30 seconds on Friday - his ten month birthday. I think he'll be walking sooner than we think, and that's a scary thought!

Not to be out-done, he cut his top left front tooth today - and I think there are at least two more on their way. This is probably why he was having such a rough time earlier this week. We've all decided that teething stinks.

Also today Auntie Em, Granddad, Maureen, Aunt B and Uncle John came over to dye Easter eggs and eat pizza. In celebration of that pesky tooth breaking through Landon had cheese pizza for dinner for the first time (along with spinach and potatos and pears) and loved it.

Now THIS is the life...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where'd my baby go?

This isn't the face of a baby, this is the face of a big boy.

So happy to be in the new playroom!

Future drummer?

What greets me after naptime. I love this face!

Birthday party planning is well underway, and I can't even believe I'm typing that out. Landon has perfected the art of pulling himself up...on EVERYTHING. He's crawling everywhere now, and picking up speed to boot. Life as we know it is changing...but for the good. Scratch that, life is GREAT! I love watching my little guy discover new things, conquer challenges (even if it is just a block under his knee), and melt my heart with that adorable toothy grin. We've had our fair share of challenges, but dang if it doesn't make these great times that much sweeter. If I could freeze time right now I might just consider it. Then again, just when I think it can't get any does.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Teeth, Pincer Grip, and Sleep Regression...Oh My!

The drool is back, in a MAJOR way. I think Landon is trying to cut another tooth or four, based on his super puffy gums. Eating hasn't been lacking, even with all the drool and a sore mouth. He loves him some purees and is currently feasting on the following in pureed form:

Sweet Potato
Green Bean
Butternut Squash
Rice Cereal
Baby Oatmeal

I've got some zucchini waiting in the wings and am going to try that and some yogurt this weekend. He's also still practicing his pincer grip with Cheerios but isn't the least bit interested in any other finger foods right now. I've tried sweet potato cubes, diced pear, cooked peas, and cooked green beans. Landon was most into the peas, so we've been offering those more, but still not as interested as he is with the purees.

In all the excitement with his new mobility skills he's done a fair amount of regressing with his sleep. Since Landon has never taken to a pacifier or found an interest in his thumb he really doesn't have any self soothing skills, his main "self soother" if you even want to call it that was swaddling. So much so that we only stopped swaddling him to sleep a little over a month ago. Now, he's way too excited to sleep and has been sitting up or standing in his crib before I even leave the room. Sometimes he'll play quietly, sometimes he'll whine or chatter, and sometimes he gives his lungs a real workout. I'm not wishing this time away, but Mama could really use some sleep. Hopefully this mobility stuff will be old news to him soon and we'll get our one to two wakings each night back in place. Especially since right before all of this he spoiled me with sleeping through the night twice in a row.

T-minus three months and counting until his first birthday. WOW. I don't know if I'm ready for that!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

We're in trouble now

Landon has gotten pretty good at pulling himself from a sitting position to a standing position. I've also noticed that for the last few days he'll successfully get himself into a sitting position from being on his tummy, though nobody ever witnessed how he did it until yesterday. Irma mentioned to me that she would go to get him up from his nap and he would be sitting in his crib happy as a clam. Last night I was changing my clothes getting ready to put him down for the night and set him in the middle of our bathroom floor while I was changing in the closet (our bathroom is big and carpeted). Well what do you know, I turn around and he's swinging one leg underneath him and sitting up! Way to go, little man!

Fast forward to him going down for the night. He started whining and semi-crying about 20 minutes after being asleep. He wasn't stopping so Mark went in to calm him down and get him back to sleep only to find him STANDING in his crib. Ayayay! Our backs have been spoiled until now since we haven't needed to drop the crib matress to a lower setting, but clearly now we need to.

In other news, it's been quite a week over here; as the saying goes, when it rains it pours. I think it's been hailing at our house. Mark and I spent Monday night in the emergency room when his stomach pain got way out of hand, they thought he had apendicitis at first, but after being admitted to the hospital they decided it was an infection of some sort in his intestines. Blech. We're happy to have him home, but it's thrown off the entire week. We're also smack dab in the middle of the addition and are living in a construction zone. I'm a creature of comfort and don't do well with layers upon layers of dust everywhere and stuff piled anywhere there is any extra space. I can't wait for this to be over! The icing on the cake...the washing machine broke down, and I've got loads upon loads of laundry to do. Oh, and the cherry on top...allergies. Or a cold, or maybe a combination of both - who knows! I do know that Landon's got a little bit of a cough and I'm congested enough to be very annoyed. Let's just move right along to next week.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Our Little Family

The Outside World

Nine months ago today we were waiting with baited breath to find out whether or not the doctors were going to let us go home. I had already been given my walking papers, but the doctors were contemplating keeping Landon in the nursery. I was trying to come to terms with leaving the hospital without my baby, something I never expected, and something that thankfully never happened.

I'm amazed at just how far we've come - all three of us - in the last nine months. There have been ups and downs, but all in, I don't think I'd trade any single bit of it (okay, maybe a few more hours of sleep would be nice, but that's just icing on the cake).

Landon had his well baby visit earlier this week and is up to a hefty 17 pounds 3 ounces! Just nine months ago today we were all concerned that his weight dropped down to 5 pounds 11 ounces. He's holding steady for both weight and height in the 6th percentile today when nine months ago he wasn't even on the charts. His little brain is growing too, he's jumped up to the 64th percentile in head circumference. Oh, and we're still breastfeeding - I never thought I'd see this day.

He's almost ready to crawl now and rocks on all fours but prefers to keep himself mobile by rolling everywhere. He LOVES everything about outside and is quite the observant little guy. His changing table isn't his favorite place anymore and it's becoming increasingly difficult to command his attention long enough to change his diaper. He absolutely loves Cheerios and has learned the sign for "more." He smiles and claps and loves it when everyone else in the room is smiling and clapping too. His absolute favorite thing in the world is bathtime. He's a little fish and we're scoping out swimming lessons for him as soon as the weather gets a little warmer. Landon is a Dr. Seuss lover and thinks "Put Me In the Zoo" "Go Dog, Go" and "Mr. Brown Can Moo" are tons more fun than "Goodnight Moon."

I love watching Daddy and Landon together, what a pair! Landon seems to save his biggest smiles and belly laughs for Daddy. Landon loves to "fly" and pull Daddy's hair when he's sitting on his shoulders. I'm in awe of Mark as a father and am so glad it's him that I'm on this journey of life, love, and parenthood with.

Now, if only the laundry would fold itself, the dishes would grow legs and walk into the dishwasher, the dust rags would dance across the tables and ledges magically, and the dogs would pick up after themselves. Then, life would be perfect. I'll take it as it is any day though, there's not much to improve upon.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ode to Cheerios

I've got my toast, but do you know where my Cheerio went?

How about now? Where'd my Cheerio go?

I think I've got it!

I love Cheerios!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some Firsts

Landon's first teeth! Can you see them?
Landon's first swing at the park
Landon's first Chemistry lesson, thanks Uncle John!

Landon's first trip to Spenger's
Note the matching bibs, only Landon is wondering why he got stuck with pears when Daddy gets fresh crab when he sports a bib. Yeah, raw deal buddy, I know.

Landon's first mohawk