Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Could there be a cuter bumble bee???


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Favorite Things

I thought I would share some of Landon's current favorite and not so favorite things. He's getting to be such the little man with a developing personality and a definite preference for certain things, sometimes it's pretty funny.

Favorite book - Goodnight Moon
He stares intently at the pictures and loves it when you get to the parts where the old lady whispers, "hush."

Not so favorite book - The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Seriously, he cries every time we reach the page where the caterpillar gorges himself with chocolate cake, salami, and the like. Does not like it one bit.

Favorite toy - Whoozit
He loves it! shakes it, will even throw it across the room because he's so excitedly playing with it.

Not so favorite toy - Any teether
Even though I'm convinced he's teething (and remembering that teething can last for months without teeth breaking through) he hates to even hold onto a teething ring.

Favorite way to take a bottle - Milk straight out of the 'fridge
No warming up needed, thank goodness.

Not so favorite way to take a bottle - Nipple on the bottle straight out of the 'fridge
Yup, he's picky with this one. Absolutely will not take the bottle if the nipple has been chilled; even though the milk makes the nipple cold as soon as it hits it.

Favorite thing to do - Stand up
Whether it's assisted by mommy or daddy, in his jumperoo or exersaucer he loves those legs to be straight.

Not so favorite thing to do - Tummy time
Hates it. Period. Has ever since the beginning of time. He's getting a little better though and will tolerate it now for a whole 30 seconds or so before whining and crying.

Favorite word/sound - Anything with a "B" or "M" sound
On the way home the other night we went over a speed bump and he giggled. Daddy was in the back seat and asked if Landon thought the speed bump was funny, this resulted in the biggest giggle yet. All the way home I listened to Daddy and Landon in the back seat going back and forth; Daddy would say "speed bump" and Landon would giggle hysterically. He also loves "boo," "moo," "bee," and "buzz."

Not so favorite word/sound - Hmm, really can't think of one he doesn't like.

Favorite song - My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean, The Itsy Bitsey Spider, The Wheels on the Bus
Loves all three and loves them even more if you do the hand motions with his hands/feet while you're singing.

Not so favorite song - The ABC's
Clearly he's not ready for spelling yet. Just doesn't like it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Four months already

I know, I know, I say it fairly often; but I can hardly believe it's been four months since Landon decided to make his appearance, time flies when you're having fun.

I can safely say that we are, in fact, having fun these days. We took Landon for his four month well baby checkup on Wednesday, he's 12 pounds even and a hearty 24 inches long. He's long and lean, just like his daddy. The jury is still out as far as whether he most resembles mommy or daddy, but that's just fine with us. His eyes are getting darker and darker and look like they will either be brown like mommy or hazel like daddy. He has yet to grow out of his reflux, and his pediatrician suggested we start him on solid foods, but after researching I don't think he's quite ready yet so we're going to hold off. The best news from the doctor was that we don't have to report back for any weight checks until his six month well baby checkup! This is HUGE for us as we've never gone more than two weeks without going in for a weight check; two months is FABULOUS!

An unwelcome present in honor of Landon's four month birthday...a cold. Poor guy is a little stuffed up and full of coughs and sneezes. One of his little girlfriends (he's currently the only boy) at daycare was out for a few days, I'm wondering if he caught it from her.

Last weekend we were supposed to go to Apple Hill but with rain forecasted we stayed a little closer to home and visited the produce stand/pumpkin farm instead. We loaded up on produce and found Landon his very first pumpkin. Oh, and the weather turned out to be BEAUTIFUL!

A little fuzzy, but I love this picture of him!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dare I say it...

You're in for a shock. I miss being pregnant. Now that your gasp is hushed and you've picked your jaw up off the floor... I must admit that I'm actually a little sad not to have a baby belly anymore. Pregnancy really agreed with me, at least for the first 32 weeks. Not a bit of morning sickness, not a whole lot of weight gained or swelling until things started to go haywire late in the game, no rediculous food cravings or aversions, just like Landon seems to be a mellow little guy pregnancy was the same way for me. I did have a few bumps in the road (yes, aside from the big bump front and center). Food poisoning around 12 weeks, hives after that; but those things really could have happened anytime and weren't pregnancy related.

I miss feeling him wriggle around in there. I miss having him all to myself. I miss that incredible feeling of having another life growing inside. I miss the anticipation of what's to come, the preparation, the excitement. Not that I want to shove Landon back in there, but I'm kinda sad it's over.

When I think too much about missing pregnancy I think about the swollen cankles and how I couldn't fit into any shoes but flip flops, all those non-stress tests and 24 hour pee tests, the annoying blood pressure monitoring, the impressive case of carpel tunnel syndrome I still haven't rid myself of all the way, and the anxiety of giving birth too early.

Will we have another one someday? I hope so. I certainly don't take our little guy for granted and hope beyond all hopes that I'll again be pregnant someday and will get to experience all those things again. For now though, I'm thoroughly enjoying my little guy and am realizing just how quickly they grow up.