Thursday, June 2, 2011


Grelish - Relish
Larms - Arms. As in, "the larms went down over the train tracks."
Dinosaur is pronounced like "din"ner with the short "i"
Bar-ca-you - Barbecue
Flumper - Bambi's rabbit sidekick, Thumper.
Chickey - Chicken
Squeezers - Tweezers
Chocolate is pronounced with a really long "o" in the middle, choc-o-late
If Landon doesn't like something he says he "can't like it," while shaking his head and scrunching his face up
He's decided he doesn't like anything that's "bitey" (crunchy). So, according to Landon, "I can't like bitey tacos."
Noonles - Noodles
Lawnmowerbacuum - Lawn mower. Because the lawn mower mows the lawn and "bacuums" up all the clippings.
I was baking some chicken the other day when Landon wandered into the kitchen and announced that it smelled, "deeee-licious!"
Atatoes - Potatoes
After dinner every night Landon gets fruit for dessert, sometimes with some yogurt mixed in. He loves his fruit and will sometimes tell us he is "all full of dinner but empty for dessert."

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